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The 1925 Coupeville High School yearbook, the fifth in school history. Even with an ongoing pandemic, students plan to keep the tradition alive in 2021. (Jack Sell photo)

It’s a whole new ballgame.

With schools largely restricted to distance learning, and no sports until at least January 2021, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the way things work have been changed.

But, thanks to one hard-working adviser, and a pack of opportunistic students, Coupeville High School still plans to put out a yearbook.

“We have a group of students who have committed to put together a yearbook this year, despite the obvious challenges,” said CHS yearbook adviser Jackie Saia.

“They are determined to make this a book like no other in CHS history, but they will need the help of the students, parents, and the community as a source for photos and content.”

A website for the yearbook is now live, and, on it, you can find out how to preorder the book.

There’s also info on how to submit photos, as well as creating and purchasing senior congratulatory ads.

The pandemic is throwing everything askew, but keeping alive the yearbook tradition matters both this year, and in the future.

“While distance learning and social distancing is difficult for all, it is certainly unique and is part of our story,” Saia said. “25, 50, 100 years from now, this will be a historical document for your child’s high school year of 2020-2021.

“We hope you can help make it the best publication possible! Thank you!”


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Football (Photos courtesy Shelli Trumbull)

   Wolf football players didn’t need face masks in the ’50s. They might have liked them … but they didn’t need them. (Photos courtesy Shelli Trumbull)


   To everyone who thought the guys wore short shorts in the ’80s, I give you the “I can’t breath” fashion line.


   Ah, when baseball players showed off their socks, instead of today’s style of pulling your pants all the way down so you look like you’re wearing pajamas.


Farm boys with wooden rackets. Let the butt-whuppin’ commence, city boys.

It was a different time.

Coupeville High School sports in the early 1950s featured no face masks in football, really short shorts in basketball and wooden rackets in tennis, among other things.

Plus, not a single female athlete to be seen in those days.

While some of the changes in the last 65-70 years have been positive, I still miss the days when baseball players hiked up their pants and looked like baseball players, not guys in pajamas at a sleep-over.

The photos above, which capture an early generation of Wolf heroes — a lot of Sherman, Libbey and Engle sprinkled throughout — come to us courtesy of CHS grad Shelli (Huff) Trumbull.

While her own family represents one of the strong tendrils shooting off from the Wolf Nation tree, she married into another robust one, as well.

Father-in-law Bill Trumbull (seen in these pics) was Class of ’55, while husband Brad (’88) and son Aaron (’15) have all starred while pulling on the red and white.

“60 years of Trumbull men playing varsity sports at CHS. Some of my favorite men!,” she said with a huge smile.

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