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Arianna Cunningham (front) and Alexandra Lo pound the course at a recent meet. (Jackie Saia photo)

They stood tall at the Falls.

The Coupeville Middle School cross country program sent 25 runners to the line Thursday at a six-school meet in Granite Falls, with Olivia Hall and Beckett Green capturing team honors.

Both Wolves nabbed 8th place in the individual standings, while tangling with runners from powerhouses like King’s and Langley.

The 1.7-mile course tested the young Coupeville harriers, while still having a lot less hills than their most-recent meet.

The Wolves get back at it Friday, Oct. 7, when they compete at the Hole in the Wall Invitational at Lakewood High School.

Devon Wyman slices through the underbrush. (Jackie Saia photo)


Thursday’s results:



Olivia Hall (8th) 12:38.46
Mikayla Wagner (12th) 12:54.18
Laken Simpson (13th) 13:07.31
Marin Winger (16th) 13:52.40
Allie Powers (19th) 14:34.94
Sage Stavros (29th) 15:41.91
Devon Wyman (37th) 16:24.56
Mary Western (38th) 16:26.66
Arianna Cunningham (41st) 17:05.64
Hailey Goldman (45th) 17:33.88
Amelia Crowder (50th) 18:34.21
Emma McFadden (51st) 18:51.60
Maci Wofford (53rd) 19:50.94
Camilla Wolfe (54th) 19:54.35
Alexandra Lo (56th) 20:05.70
Elizabeth Marshall (61st) 22:28.90
Savannah Niewald (62nd) 22:32.59



Beckett Green (8th) 11:08.23
Nathan Niewald (15th) 11:52.51
Roger Merino-Martinez (20th) 12:22.73
Cyrus Sparacio (24th) 13:09.94
Isaiah Allen (26th) 13:15.02
Ossian Merkel (28th) 13:24.94
Max Ohme (37th) 13:52.97
Avery Eelkema (46th) 15:02.59

“The day is done!” (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

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Hailey Goldman attacks every race with a smile. (Jackie Saia photo)

No fear, just joy.

Coupeville Middle School cross country runners tackled one of the tougher courses they will face this season Saturday at the 15th annual King’s Roller Coaster Trail Run in Shoreline.

To the delight of coach Elizabeth Bitting, her young athletes responded exactly the way she hoped on the 1.6-mile course.

“From the moment we arrived at King’s the air was electric!” she said.

“Music playing, schools walking the course, families eager to cheer on their runners, pumped coaches, the smile on my face and excitement in my heart couldn’t be diminished!

“The athletes were so nervous when we walked the course and they saw the roller coaster hills but during their races they ate those hills up!” Bitting added.

“Compared to last week’s times EVERY athlete set a PR! It was AMAZING!!!!!”

Coupeville placed seven runners — five girls and two boys — in the top 10, with both squads claiming second in the team title chase.

The Wolves get right back at it next week, with a trip to Granite Falls set for Thursday, Sept. 29.


Saturday’s results:



Lydia Price (5th) 12:15.70
Mikayla Wagner (6th) 12:42.50
Olivia Hall (7th) 13:01.00
Laken Simpson (8th) 13:07.40
Tirsit Cannon (10th) 13:21.20
Marin Winger (11th) 13:23.30
Ivy Rudat (12th) 13:26.20
Allie Powers (16th) 14:08.10
Sage Stavros (17th) 14:17.20
Devon Wyman (25th) 16:19.90
Mary Western (28th) 17:25.60
Arianna Cunningham (29th) 17:40.00
Amelia Crowder (30th) 17:49.00
Hailey Goldman (31st) 17:56.40
Elizabeth Marshall (35th) 19:14.00
Camilla Wolfe (36th) 20:15.40
Alexandra Lo (37th) 20:17.00
Savannah Niewald (38th) 20:22.00
Maci Wofford (39th) 20:25.30

Coupeville girls captured five medals and a second-place team finish at Shoreline. (Duncan Wagner photo)



Beckett Green (5th) 11:23.28
Axel Marshall (6th) 11:23.87
Kenneth Jacobsen (12th) 11:45.02
Nathan Niewald (15th) 12:20.72
Roger Merino-Martinez (16th) 12:22.76
Cyrus Sparacio (17th) 12:50.80
Isaiah Allen (19th) 12:34.23
Johnathan Jacobsen (29th) 13:45.00
Ossian Merkel (31st) 13:51.62
Avery Eelkema (32nd) 13:51.76
Dylan Robinett (37th) 15:12.45
Zach Blitch (40th) 15:47.88

Axel Marshall (left) and Beckett Green cracked the top 10 Saturday. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

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Wolves (l to r) Carly Burt, Noelle Western, and Frankie Tenore claim the track as their own. (Heather Tenore photo)

Faster times, higher heights, longer distances.

The Coupeville Middle School track and field team had a huge day Wednesday in Langley, capturing four individual wins and smashing 71 PR’s at a four-team meet.

The Wolves went toe-to-toe with Lakewood, Sultan, and the meet hosts, and stood tall.

Leading the way were 6th grader Marin Winger, who won the 400, 7th grader Myra McDonald (long jump) and 8th graders Malachi Somes (1600) and George Spear (800).

As the young Wolves continue to shatter personal bests and fine-tune their skills under the leadership of coaches Paige Spangler and Jon Gabelein, the schedule remains a busy one.

Next up is a four-team meet May 11 at Lakewood, followed by a four-school rumble in Coupeville May 18.


Complete Wednesday results:




8th grade:

100 — Amaya Schaffeld (3rd) 14.96; Noelle Western (7th) 15.58 *PR*; Carly Burt (13th) 16.25 *PR*; Aleksia Jump (15th) 16.42; Abbigail Bond (24th) 17.35 *PR*; Frankie Tenore (31st) 18.44 *PR*

200 — Liza Zustiak (14th) 37.36 *PR*, Marin Winger (15th) 38.06

100 Hurdles — Zustiak (11th) 22.91 *PR*; Tenore (13th) 24.21 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Burt, Western, Grier Mooney, Zustiak (3rd) 1:06.65; Bond, Jump, Brynn Parker, Schaffeld (4th) 1:06.81

Shot Put — Mooney (5th) 19-06

Discus — Mooney (11th) 31-02

High Jump — Schaffeld (6th) 3-08; Jump (6th) 3-08 *PR*

Long Jump — Burt (7th) 11-05; Western (7th) 11-05 *PR*; Tenore (18th) 9-03.50 *PR*; Parker (19th) 8-11; Zustiak (22nd) 8-08 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 — Myra McDonald (5th) 15.54 *PR*; Willow Leedy-Bonifas (14th) 16.77 *PR*; Ivy Rudat (20th) 17.05 *PR*; Tenley Stuurmans (21st) 17.07; Inara Maund (22nd) 17.11 *PR*; Taylor Marrs (31st) 20.31 *PR*

200 — Laken Simpson (4th) 31.90 *PR*; Ava Carpenter (7th) 35.32 *PR*

400 — Marin Winger (1st) 1:30.59 *PR*

1600 — Mikayla Wagner (2nd) 7:01.49 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Stuurmans (4th) 21.91; McDonald (8th) 22.75 *PR*; Elyse White (14th) 24.67 *PR*; Arianna Cunningham (16th) 25.82 *PR*; Emma McFadden (20th) 32.49

4 x 100 Relay — Carpenter, McDonald, Tirsit Cannon, Winger (3rd) 1:06.05; Lillian Ketterling, Devon Wyman, Wagner, Simpson (4th) 1:08.82

Shot Put — McFadden (8th) 17-03.25; Winger (10th) 17-00 *PR*; Simpson (11th) 16-08; Ketterling (13th) 16-01 *PR*; White (14th) 15-09.25 *PR*; Cannon (16th) 15-02; Rudat (18th) 14-06.25

Discus — Marrs (5th) 45-01; Ketterling (10th) 37-07; Maund (14th) 33-03 *PR*; Leedy-Bonifas (17th) 32-01; Ar. Cunningham (23rd) 25-04 *PR*; McFadden (26th) 22-10 *PR*

Long Jump — McDonald (1st) 11-10 *PR*; Carpenter (7th) 10-07 *PR*; Stuurmans (8th) 10-04.50 *PR*; White (12th) 9-08.50 *PR*; Ar. Cunningham (13th) 9-07 *PR*; Rudat (17th) 9-04.50; Leedy-Bonifas (19th) 9-02 *PR*; Cannon (19th) 9-02; Wagner (22nd) 8-10; Maund (24th) 8-08 *PR*; Isabella de Souza Oliveira (24th) 8-08 *PR*; Wyman (33rd) 7-00; Marrs (39th) 6-01.25




8th grade:

100 — Adrian Cunningham (7th) 14.09 *PR*; Easton Green (11th) 14.68 *PR*

200 — Ad. Cunningham (3rd) 29.72 *PR*

800 — George Spear (1st) 2:37.87 *PR*

1600 — Malachi Somes (1st) 5:44.50

110 Hurdles — Spear (12th) 23.40 *PR*

Shot Put — Somes (8th) 22-05.75 *PR*

Discus — Spear (11th) 51-04

High Jump — E. Green (3rd) 4-06

Long Jump — Ad. Cunningham (2nd) 14-03.25 *PR*


6th/7th grade:

100 — Beckett Green (7th) 14.40 *PR*; Wyatt Fitch-Marron (9th) 14.74 *PR*; Roger Merino-Martinez (14th) 15.31 *PR*; Nathan Niewald (18th) 15.71 *PR*; Leonardo Rodriguez (22nd) 16.30 *PR*; Shiloh Sandlin (25th) 16.39 *PR*; Jonah Weyl (26th) 16.81 *PR*; Edmund Kunz (29th) 17.27 *PR*; Ryan Beaston (33rd) 18.59 *PR*; Khyren Calhoun (34th) 19.27 *PR*; Dylan Robinett (35th) 21.19 *PR*

200 — B. Green (3rd) 30.23 *PR*; Axel Marshall (12th) 34.19 *PR*

400 — Joshua Stockdale (6th) 1:17.03 *PR*

800 — Robinett (10th) 4:07.28 *PR*

110 Hurdles — Fitch-Marron (5th) 21.40 *PR*; Marshall (8th) 23.48; Carson Grove (10th) 24.38; Rodriguez (11th) 25.65 *PR*; Beaston (14th) 31.17

4 x 100 Relay — Grove, Niewald, Merino-Martinez, B. Green (3rd) 1:01.70

Shot Put — B. Green (13th) 18-04 *PR*; Niewald (16th) 16-08.25 *PR*; Robinett (23rd) 13-09

Discus — Grove (9th) 53-02; Marshall (11th) 50-02; Weyl (18th) 39-08 *PR*; Sandlin (23rd) 31-09; Calhoun (24th) 27-09 *PR*

High Jump — Fitch-Marron (6th) 4-00; Stockdal(6th) 4-00 *PR*

Long Jump — Grove (16th) 11-03; Merino-Martinez (18th) 11-00 *PR*; Kunz (26th) 10-01.25 *PR*; Weyl (30th) 9-05 *PR*; Rodriguez (31st) 8-08.75; Niewald (37th) 7-11.50; Robinett (40th) 6-10.25 *PR*; Calhoun (42nd) 6-03.25 *PR*

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CMS cross country runners fuel up Wednesday at the league championship meet. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

Noelle Western delivered Coupeville’s best performance.

The circle is complete.

Ending the season where it also began, the Coupeville Middle School cross country squad competed Wednesday at the Cascade League Championships.

Meet host Langley swept both team titles during the 140-runner event, while Coupeville claimed fourth in the girls race, and sixth in the boys.

Individual titles went to Reed Atwood of Langley and Caleb Greenland of Lakewood.

Coupeville placed a runner on the awards stand, with 8th grader Noelle Western claiming 9th place in the girls race.

The Wolves sent 15 runners to the line, with eight of the nine who competed in the season opener coming back around to set a PR on the same course.

“It’s always nice to finish where we first started the season,” said CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting. “So many PR’s, and so many happy faces!

“I am very proud of these athletes,” she added.

“I wish the 8th graders the best of luck in high school and I hope to see everybody else return in the fall! GO WOLVES!!!”


Complete Wednesday results (3000 meters):



Noelle Western (9th) 14:15.92
Mikayla Wagner (14th) 15:08.47
Ivy Rudat (15th) 15:08.80
Aleksia Jump (17th) 15:43.16
Laken Simpson (23rd) 16:03.25
Marin Winger (24th) 16:15.42
Liza Zustiak (28th) 16:38.59
Devon Wyman (36th) 18:58.47
Emma McFadden (38th) 19:12.79
Mary Western (41st) 19:36.61



Beckett Green (24th) 13:38.54
Wyatt Fitch-Marron (29th) 13:54.79
Joshua Stockdale (33rd) 14:21.70
Axel Marshall (41st) 14:54.58
Zack Blitch (61st) 17:50.91

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