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Samantha Streitler is outta here. (Morgan White photos)

Graduation isn’t really over until the final photos drop.

Sure, the Coupeville High School Class of 2022 has their diplomas, Mickey Clark Field has emptied, and new destinations await the Wolves.

Doesn’t mean I can’t nab some more sweet, sweet page hits with a final (maybe) pictorial essay, compliments of Wolf Mom and school board director Morgan White.

Noelle Daigneault

Hawthorne Wolfe (left) and Cole Hutchinson

Eryn Wood

Rock on, Wolf grads … rock on.

Andrew Aparicio

Mary Milnes

Cecilia Camarena-Barajas

A final bow from (l to r) Katelin McCormick, Abby Mulholland, Wolfe, and Moose Moran.

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Cody Roberts gets a congratulatory smooch from mom Heidi. (Photos courtesy Wolf Nation Moms and Dads)

It’s the look of love.

Coupeville High School Class of 2022 grads celebrated Saturday with family and friends, then put all the photos on Facebook where I could easily poach them.

That makes them the real MVP’s, at least in my eyes.

Ja’Kenya Hoskins

Mckenna Somes

Brian Casey

Kylie Van Velkinburgh

Anya Leavell

Xavier Murdy

Aiden Burdge

Abby Mulholland

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Anya Leavell celebrates snagging her diploma. (Morgan White photos)

It’s official — they’re grads.

The Coupeville High School Class of 2022 came together for one final time Saturday, receiving diplomas and congratulations under sunny skies.

Along for the ride was Wolf Mom (and school board director) Morgan White, who offers up the pics seen above and below.

Caleb Meyer (left) and Hawthorne Wolfe

Cole Hutchinson

Mary Milnes

Sophie Martin

Morgan Stevens

Miles Davidson

Kim Castro (left) and Noelle Daigneault

Alana Mihill

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A day before graduation, and not a raindrop in sight (for now). (Morgan White photos)

I mean listen, we talkin’ ’bout practice.

There are a lot of game day pros in the Coupeville High School Class of 2022 lineup, but even they occasionally need a rehearsal.

With that in mind, the Wolf seniors were out and about Friday, prepping for Saturday’s big show.

Along for the ride, camera at the ready, was Morgan White, who delivers the pics seen above and below.

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Bella Velasco gets her ride ready before Coupeville High School’s seniors hit the road. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

First, they walked on by. Then they drove on by.

A day before graduation, Coupeville High School’s Class of 2022 participated in an assortment of time-honored traditions.

The Wolves, sporting their robes, strolled down to the elementary school, passing through the hallways where many of them got their start.

Then they hit the road for a car parade, before heading off to breakfast.

Along the way photo whiz kid John Fisken snapped the pics you see above and below.

To see what else he captured on a relatively rain-free day, pop over to:



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