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Coupeville High School cheerleaders raise the roof in the Tacoma Dome in the ’90s. (Photos property Spirit of Cheer Booster Club)

Hail the present. Honor the past. Build for the future.

The only Coupeville High School sports program to own a team state title is doing all of that, with a little help from its alumni.

Wolf cheerleaders have a strong support crew, and their accomplishments are being documented through a multi-media approach.

The Spirit of Cheer Booster Club has a web site, as well as pages on Instagram and Facebook, where photos are being posted and memories immortalized.

The modern-day Wolf cheer crew works the festival circuit.

The mission?

“Coupeville cheer alumni leveraging their passion and experience to champion the next generation of cheerleaders.”

In that vein, the site offers the promise of junior cheer being offered this fall, when CHS cheer returns to the sidelines to kick off a new school year.

To follow Wolf cheer in all its forms, pop over to:




A flashback to past glory featuring Wolf legends Julia Felici (left) and Mekare Bowen.

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Lauren Grove, kickin’ butt and takin’ names. Always. (Dawnelle Conlisk photo)

Lauren Grove is as tough as they come.

During her time as a Coupeville High School athlete, she impressed me again and again with her grit, her desire, and her unwillingness to back down against any team or any athlete.

That spirit carried her through an impressive prep career, one in which she wore the red and black while competing in track and field, volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

One of only two students from her graduating class to play a sport in all 12 seasons, Grove was a slam-dunk for the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame.

Miss Intense, at work. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Now, though, she is waging the strongest fight of her life, as she recovers from extensive burns suffered in a grease fire in May.

As she faces, and overcomes, every obstacle, Grove is documenting her journey on an Instagram page.

It is raw, unfiltered, and, like Lauren herself, full of hope.


To see her progress, pop over to:


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Wolf cheerleader Emily Fiedler works on her bow and arrow. (BreAnna Boon photo)

Every practice counts.

As a new fall sports season nears — Coupeville High School football opens at home Sept. 6 against Port Townsend, before girls soccer hosts Meridian the next day — all the Wolves are hard at work.

Today, the camera swings in the direction of the CHS cheer squad, thanks to their willingness to post videos on Instagram.

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Coupeville High School grad Mitch Pelroy lives in Colorado Springs now, where he’s pursuing football and modeling careers. (Photo courtesy Pelroy)

Mitch Pelroy is fighting for his dreams.

The Coupeville High School grad currently lives in Colorado, where he’s splitting time between pursuing careers in football and modeling.

On the gridiron, the former Wolf star played in the Rivals Professional Football League, which led to an invite to try out for a team in the Canadian Football League.

While camp went well, an inner thigh injury on the final day thwarted Pelroy, but just for the moment.

“Since it’s a business, it was a better luck next time type deal,” he said.

Not to be denied, Pelroy moved to Colorado Springs to join his girlfriend, Katie Grooms, and immediately started training again while looking for another opportunity.

He found it with the Colorado Springs Flames, who play in the six-team semi-pro Colorado Football Conference.

After playing cornerback and returning punts and kickoffs during his college days at the University of Montana Western, Pelroy is now dodging would-be tacklers while racking up game film as a running back.

Pelroy and the Flames finished third in the regular season standings and open the playoffs Saturday, when they host the Colorado Pirates.

The Steel City Rage host the Englewood Eagles in the other first-round game, with the league’s top two teams, the Denver Sharks and the Northern Colorado Nightmare, set to play the winners Aug. 3 in the semifinals.

The championship game goes Aug. 10.

Once the season ends, Pelroy plans to keep churning, always looking for a chance to extend his time on the field.

“I plan on trying to get an agent, and seeing what happens from there,” he said. “Hopefully get to the CFL, XFL, AFL, or overseas to Europe for another opportunity to be paid and try to keep working higher.

“Football is still the goal; once I finish the season and have my film, I’ll see how far I can make it.”

His schedule off the field has been busy as well, as a modeling career is opening new doors.

“The modeling is something that happened on accident,” Pelroy said. “Started with people asking through Instagram.

“So, slowly you meet people, and make connections; next thing I know I’m signed to ECP Models, which is an amazing agency out here, and that is picking up!”

In between blitzing people on the gridiron, Pelroy has done print and runway modeling work, as well as getting in front of the video camera.

“That has been fun,” he said. “I was just recently an extra in a local commercial for a Ford dealership, so that was awesome.”

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(John Fisken photos)

In 2014, Brandon Kelley and Breeanna Messner took home scholarship money. In 2015 it was Aaron Trumbull and Julia Myers. This year it could be you.

Every time the camera clicks, you could get richer.

If everyone does their part.

The way it works is this:

John Fisken, in between shotgunning cases of Diet Coke to keep his trigger finger jittery, can be frequently seen at CHS and CMS athletic contests, various cameras whirring away.

He shoots a variety of action and behind-the-scenes photos, then sends a selection my way to use here on Coupeville Sports.

In return, I post links to where parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and coaches and the athletes themselves and whomever can buy high-quality copies of Fisken’s images.

Now, anything that appears here on this blog is fair game. That’s how we’ve set it up.

Right click to your heart’s desire and snatch the glossy images up.

Post them on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a billion other obscure new apps my brain pan doesn’t want to know about.

Send them to relatives. Use them as screensavers. Print them out and fill the bird cage with them.

Whatever makes you happy.

But take notice. NONE of the pics here on Coupeville Sports have a big copyright “C” marring them. That’s intentional.

Now, when you pop over to where Fisken’s work is up for sale, the place where ALL the photos are, and where they will be available in a HIGHER quality, they do have that copyright “C” smack-dab in the middle.

You post those with the “C” on them, you just look like a cheapskate, frankly.

Either ask me if I have a pristine copy of said photo (if I do, I’ll shoot it to you) or spend the few bucks Fisken charges and get the high-quality stuff.

Either way, you look like less of a dork than you do if there’s a giant “C” marring your pic.

Plus, when you buy photos from Fisken (either straight from the site or by contacting him at johnfisken@comcast.net to set up a personalized order), part of the money goes to college scholarships he gives out at the end of the school year.

This will be the third time he’s graced CHS grads with his kick-back, and the successors to Brandon Kelley, Breeanna Messner, Julia Myers and Aaron Trumbull will see their dollar amount rise in direct correlation to photos sold.

It’s simple. You buy, you help. You don’t, you don’t.

With that being said, it’s also a great time to remind current seniors to get your rear to the counselors office at CHS and pick up the scholarship form, which needs to be back in before spring is done.

To be eligible for Fisken’s scholarship(s), you should have played at least two sports for all four years (consideration is given to students who moved to Coupeville during their high school career), have a 3.0 or better GPA and not be receiving any financial aid for playing sports from a college program.

If you will be getting that sweet, sweet college sports money, congrats, you already won.

For everyone else, you just need to fill out the form, write an essay (the particulars can be found on that form we just mentioned) and, eventually, have a one-on-one interview with the always-chatty Mr. Fisken at a later date.

If you bring a can of Diet Coke with you to that meeting, so much the better, but you didn’t hear that from me.


Wait! I want to buy photos now!! Remind me where to go!!!


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