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Susan Farris leads off a collection of pics featuring Wolf softball and baseball fans. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Every freakin’ year.

Last home game of spring sports arrives, and, for the first time, fans can wear shirt sleeves and look upward without catching infield dirt in the face thanks to madly swirling prairie winds.

Wanderin’ photographer John Fisken took advantage of a clear lens Saturday, snapping pics as both Coupeville High School softball and baseball celebrated Senior Night.

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One giant-sized Alita Blouin head to rule them all. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

No more home spikes.

The Coupeville High School varsity volleyball squad is off to districts next week, but Tuesday marked the final time its five-pack of seniors suited up for a match in their own gym.

The Wolf veterans were honored before their royal rumble with La Conner, their farewell speeches garnering more than a few tears from their younger teammates.

Having played through the Age of Coronavirus and beyond, Alita Blouin, Ryanne Knoblich, Taygin Jump, Maddie Georges, and Jill Prince exit having left a sizable impact on the CHS program.

Jill Prince

Pomp and circumstance.

Maddie Georges

Taygin Jump

Soccer ace Nezi Keiper hustled over after her own Senior Night to celebrate friendship.

Ryanne Knoblich

Alita Blouin

Coupeville coaches Cory Whitmore and Ashley Menges get a photo op with their team leaders.

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Freshman Savina Wells was #2 in service aces and #3 in kills. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

In the end, it all comes down to numbers.

The Coupeville High School volleyball season ended Wednesday — with the Wolves splitting two matches at the district tourney — bringing an end to stat-keeping for another campaign.

Junior Maddie Georges paced CHS in assists and service aces, with Alita Blouin (digs) and Jill Prince (kills) topping other categories.

Olivia Schaffeld and Prince tied for the team lead in block assists, while there was a four-way tie in solo blocks.

Georges and Schaffeld were the only Wolves to appear in all six stat categories I have, with Prince and Lucy Tenore hitting on five of six.

Overall, all 12 Coupeville players to see action in a varsity match recorded multiple kills and digs.

Fab frosh Lyla Stuurmans was a multi-faceted weapon, delivering 60 kills and 60 digs.


Final CHS volleyball varsity season stats:


Player Kills Digs Block-Solo Block-Assist Assists Aces
Alita Blouin 4 207 14 30
Maddie Georges 12 68 1 3 225 48
Taygin Jump 2 63 17
Ryanne Knoblich 12 59 2
Katie Marti 7 22 86 10
Madison McMillan 6 5 5
Grey Peabody 20 3 3 3 2
Jill Prince 93 4 1 9 1
Olivia Schaffeld 69 37 1 9 3 26
Lyla Stuurmans 60 60 2 4
Lucy Tenore 80 14 1 7 20
Savina Wells 70 47 5 42


Ryanne Knoblich scrambles to save a ball.

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Jill Prince rains fire. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The spikes rained down, and so did the pics.

The Coupeville High School varsity volleyball squad pounded on visiting Friday Harbor Thursday, and, having wandered in after shooting cross country action, John Fisken snapped away.

The photos above and below, a mix of on and off court action, are courtesy him.

To see more, and possibly purchase some mementos, pop over to:



Super fans Carolyn Lhamon (left) and Nezi Keiper, ready to rock the casbah.

Katie Marti plots the destruction of her foes.

Lyla Stuurmans gets low.

“I said it was in. End of discussion!”

Basketball coaches Brad Sherman and Megan Smith count the days until the gym is theirs.

Madison McMillan cranks the hit meter up to 11.

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Lyla Stuurmans brings the thunder and the lightning. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Ryanne Knoblich keeps her focus crisp.

Every movement equals a number.

Or sometimes it seems that way, as Coupeville High School stat keepers scramble to keep up with the fast-paced action on the floor.

The Wolf varsity is a crisp 8-2 in Northwest 2B/1B League play, with two matches to go before the postseason arrives.

Take a moment to scan the stats below and see what has developed in the first 13 matches of the season.


CHS volleyball varsity season stats (through 13 matches):


Player Kills Digs Block-Solo Block-Assist Assists Aces
Alita Blouin 3 164 12 20
Maddie Georges 10 62 1 2 202 40
Taygin Jump 2 49 13
Ryanne Knoblich 9 46 1
Katie Marti 3 9 28 4
Madison McMillan 1 1
Grey Peabody 19 3 3 3 2
Jill Prince 68 3 8 1
Olivia Schaffeld 51 29 1 8 22
Lyla Stuurmans 48 48 1 4
Lucy Tenore 59 11 1 7 20
Savina Wells 61 37 5 34

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