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Coupeville HS/MS Athletic Director Willie Smith has been a busy bee this summer.

How much wood would Willie work if Willie could work wood?

A lot, it appears.

Taking a few days off from the grind of being an athletic director in the age of coronavirus (and having to read my endless, rambling emails), Willie Smith has been a busy bee.

The CHS/CMS sports guru has to return to the office at some point, but he’s spent a chunk of his vacation time communing with nature.

Recent projects include converting an old foosball table into a new work of finely-crafted art.

Also emerging from the workshop have been an epoxy table for daughter Megan, a table top for his brother-in-law, and a cheese platter for his sister-in-law.

Kid’s got skills.

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Coupeville High School/Middle School Athletic Director Willie Smith handcrafted this beauty. (Photo courtesy Smith)

He’s got skills.

Coupeville High School/Middle School Athletic Director Willie Smith is staying busy even while schools across the state are shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to doing all his sports stuff, he’s also found time to craft the kitchen island seen in the photo above.

Made from madrona wood, with a maple top, it’s a Willie original.

“All lumbered by me and finished in my garage with my own two hands!”

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Trinity McGee, who will be a freshman at Coupeville High School in the fall, is a three-sport athlete. (Photos courtesy Angela McGee)

McGee (4), here playing club volleyball, is “very passionate” about her favorite sport.

With one eye on the future, and one eye on improving daily, she’s a young woman who wants to make history.

Trinity McGee doesn’t back down.

The three-sport athlete, who will be a freshman at Coupeville High School in the fall, approaches each game, each practice, ready to rock the joint.

Whether she’s playing volleyball or basketball, or competing in track and field, McGee is fully committed.

“A strength I have in my sports is my aggressiveness,” she said. “When I go to hit the ball in volleyball I gather all my anger and just slam the ball down.

“When in a basketball game I use my aggressiveness to get me to the other side of the court and push myself to the extreme.”

As she transitions to high school, McGee plans to continue with all three of her sports, enjoying the chance to stay active and involved all year long.

“Doing three sports keeps me busy,” she said. “And I get more exercise and stay healthy while moving and practicing.”

But, while McGee enjoys all three, volleyball is nearest and dearest to her heart.

“I feel very passionate about it,” she said. “I would definitely say that volleyball is my favorite sport because of the strategic system.

“You have to communicate with your team on a good strategy that will get the ball over the net and have the rivals speechless,” McGee added. “I also love diving and digging the rivals serves.

“When I get a good dig in, I feel accomplished and proud.”

Whether it’s playing club volleyball or working on her shot in basketball, McGee is always looking to improve.

“I would like to work on my form for shooting and my footwork for hitting,” she said. “But I know that if I work hard enough I can accomplish things I thought I’d never be able to in the past.”

McGee has a vision of future success, and is striving to get herself there.

“My goal is to get better and better and work harder at my sports so that I can have a good chance at getting a scholarship or breaking a record,” she said.

“I have always looked up at the record boards and imagined what it would be like to have my name up there,” McGee added. “Then I decided to try my hardest to make it happen.”

As she has progressed through middle school sports, her coaches and teammates have proved to be invaluable for a young woman on the rise in the classroom and athletic arena.

“In any sport, (teammate) Maddie Georges has always lifted me up when I am down,” McGee said. “Telling me everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay.

“She is the reason that I don’t get down on myself like I used to; she has brought me a long way into the game.”

While playing multiple sports, both in the school system and outside, McGee has had numerous coaches already, and she credits them for helping with her growth.

“Most of all, I would like to thank my coaches for teaching me everything I know from this day on,” she said. “If they were not as caring and determined as they were, I wouldn’t be here today, playing and enjoying sports.”

During her brief down time, McGee enjoys “reading a good book or spending class in Language Arts with Mrs. (Casie) Greve,” woodworking with her dad and baking with her mom.

“Spending time with the people I care about makes life better when I’m not practicing,” she said. “I’d also like to thank my parents for supporting me through everything that happens with my sports and being by my side.”

While the fast-rising young star dreams of big accomplishments, and works to make them a reality, her love of sports ultimately comes down to one thing – happiness.

“Being an athlete is enjoyable because I get to be recognized for something I’m good at and passionate about,” McGee said.

“Also, you get to play with a team and know you’re not alone,” she added. “All the pep talks and the cheers get your adrenaline running and that’s what makes the game fun!”

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Tanner Kircher

Tanner Kircher

Deeds, not words.

Tanner Kircher makes his statement, and it’s a loud one, by fiercely guarding his patch of the soccer pitch.

A skilled defender who has also successfully doubled as an emergency goaltender this season, he’s a strong, sometimes underrated, linchpin for the Coupeville High School boys’ soccer squad.

Try and bring the ball into his territory and he will ruthlessly crush your dreams of scoring.

“One of my strengths is clearing the ball,” Kircher said. “I want to work on moving up with the offense to make some plays.”

The Wolf junior has spent much of his life on the pitch, following in the footsteps of older brother Nathan, a former CHS star himself.

“I’ve played soccer for about eight years and I started because my brother played soccer and I wanted to be like him,” Kircher said. “I enjoy the play making in soccer; it’s amazing when a play comes together.”

The two Kirchers eventually played together at CHS, one of the high points of Tanner’s soccer career.

With mom Dawn Brock claiming her status as one of the loudest ‘n proudest of any soccer mom in the land, it was a full-on family celebration.

“My brother has made a huge difference in my life,” Kircher said. “If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be playing soccer.”

Away from the game, he enjoys woodworking, while, on the field, he wants to help the Wolves nab a district playoff berth.

Soccer is Kircher’s only official school sport, but he’s game for just about any sport you can offer him.

“I don’t play any other school sports but I like to play anything that is physical.”

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