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Thomas Strelow competed Thursday as Coupeville Middle School held the third of four planned intramural track meets. (Jackie Saia photo)

Axel Marshall doesn’t believe in taking time off.

The young Coupeville Middle School track and field star took part in all nine events Thursday as the Wolves held the third of four intramural meets.

“All athletes showed much improvement and are always impressing us coaches, (but) shout out to Axel!,” said CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting.

“This amazing athlete participated in EVERY event today! All field events, all running events and even the relay medley! He is truly the champion of the day!!!”

Bitting also offered kudos to Carson Field and Thomas Strelow, who “jumped in at the last minute to run the 400 with Axel, foregoing their own times.”

“They didn’t want him being the only participant in that race,” she said. “Such great support for their teammates!”

With the pandemic, CMS is foregoing competing against other rivals this school year, opting to keep athletics in house.

The Wolves wrap things up next Thursday, June 10, when they will honor the top three finishers in each event from this season.


Complete Thursday results:

100 — Carson Field 12.42; Eleanore McDonald 14.91; Malachi Somes 15.50; Dianne Brown 16.70; Ivy Rudat 17.22; Joshua Stockdale 17.64; Abbigail Bond 17.80; Axel Marshall 18.03

200 — Gabby Gebhard 32.55; Ayden Wyman 36.03; Marshall 38.52

400 — Marshall 1:34.88

1600 — Field 7:42.17; Thomas Strelow 9:03.66; Marshall 13:07.93

200 Hurdles — Field 32.41; Preston Epp 35.74; Brown 38.70; McDonald 39.16; Marshall 46.72; Frankie Tenore 46.88; Bond 47.42

Relay — McDonaldField, Strelow, Bond 2:18.82; EppSomes, MarshallStockdale 2:22.77; Wyman, Gebhard, Rudat, Brown 2:34.21

Shot Put — Brown 15-07; Tenore 14-01; Rudat 12-02; Marshall 11-01.75

Turbo Javelin — Somes 80-08; Field 70-00; Strelow 53-09; Stockdale 53-06; Wyman 44-04; Marshall 37-08; Tenore 29-08; McDonald 24-7; Gebhard 23-00

Long Jump — Field 12-09; Epp 10-10; Wyman 10-01.50; Gebhard 9-08; Rudat 9-06.50; Bond 9-01; Strelow 8-11.50; Marshall 8-06; Brown 8-05; Tenore 7-04.50

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Ayden Wyman competed in three events Thursday, including the long jump, where she had the day’s best performance. (Jackie Saia photo)

“Pay no attention to me, I’m just here for the track meet.” (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

Everybody worked together.

Mother Nature calmed down, bringing the wind under control, the local deer came out to watch the festivities, and Coupeville Middle School successfully pulled off another track meet Thursday afternoon.

With the pandemic still mucking things up, CMS isn’t competing against other rivals this school year, instead focusing on intra-team meets.

The action was fast-paced, the PR’s many, and the joy shown by CMS coaches Elizabeth Bitting and Jon Gabelein abundant.


Complete Thursday results:

100 — Eleanore McDonald 14.97; Dianne Brown 15.04; Carly Burt 15.51; Malachi Somes 15.98; Abbigail Bond 17.40; Liza Zustiak 17.46; Axel Marshal 17.84

200 — Gabby Gebhard 34.28; Ayden Wyman 35.97; Joshua Stockdale 37.97

400 — Preston Epp 1:05.84; Carson Field 1:07.39

1600 — Field 7:51.68

200 Hurdles — Brown 42.51; Bond 44.50; Zustiak 48.95; Ivy Rudat 54.43; Frankie Tenore 59.46

Relay — McDonaldField, Bond, Burt 2:22.51; Epp, Somes, Marshal, Stockdale 2:31.66; Wyman, Gebhard, Zustiak, Brown 2:39.54

Shot Put — Brown 13-10; Rudat 12-06; Tenore 12-06; Marshal 11-03

Turbo Javelin — Epp 117-01; Somes 78-10; Stockdale 61-04; McDonald 37-01; Zustiak 35-09

Long Jump — Wyman 10-04; Burt 10-01.50; Gebhard 10-00; Bond 9-04.50; Brown 9-01; Rudat 8-09; Tenore 8-06.5

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Ivy Rudat vied in three events Thursday during the first CMS intramural track meet. (Photo by Jackie Saia)

Give them a track and they will run.

Coupeville Middle School track and field coaches Elizabeth Bitting and Jon Gabelein hosted the first intramural meet of the pandemic-altered season Thursday afternoon.

The gathered athletes competed in eight events, from sprints to throws.

While CMS is not competing against other schools during the 2020-2021 school year, intramurals are keeping the young Wolves active.

There will be four middle school meets, falling on consecutive Thursdays, this spring.

“I hope all who made it out to today’s meet had an enjoyable time!,” Bitting said.

“I hope lots of lessons were learned on the oval today,” she added. “And come Monday, athletes will start working on areas they feel they need to focus on and strive to improve on at the next meet.”

The CMS coaches gave a special shout-out to Ivy Rudat, “who willingly jumped into the relay race due to one team member not being at the meet.”

“She had never ran in a relay before, had not practiced the baton exchange and ran beautifully!,” Bitting said.


Complete Thursday results:

100 — Carly Burt 15.85; Eleanore McDonald 15.89; Dianne Brown 16.82; Liza Zustiak 18.25

400 — Preston Epp 1:05.79; Carson Field 1:05.82; Gabby Gebhard 1:19.37; Ayden Wyman 1:24.06

1600 — Field 7:55.55

200 Hurdles — McDonald 41.86; Brown 45.69; Zustiak 47.71; Axel Marshal 49.59; Frankie Tenore 1:00.15

Relay — McDonald, Field, Thomas Strelow, Burt 2:19.53; Epp, Marshal, Joshua Stockdale, Ivy Rudat 2:29.35; Wyman, Gebhard, Zustiak, Brown 2:42.76

Shot Put — Strelow 22-3.75; Tenore 11-11.50; Rudat 9-6.50

Turbo Javelin — Epp 69-03; Field 67-01; Stockdale 39-04; Marshal 33-08; Zustiak 30-06; McDonald 23-01

Long Jump — Field 12-06.50; Epp 11-07; Strelow 11-04; Wyman 10-08; Burt 10-07; Gebhard 10-01.50; Brown 8-11; Tenore 8-03; Rudat 6-07

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Ayden Wyman is one of 18 Coupeville Middle School athletes who have turned out for track and field. (Jackie Saia photo)

You can’t keep a good sport down.

Adapting in the Age of Coronavirus, Coupeville Middle School’s athletic programs shifted to intramural play this school year.

With spring in full bloom, the Wolves have launched their final season, with coaches Elizabeth Bitting and Jon Gabelein leading a modified track and field campaign.

CMS athletes practice 3-5 PM Mondays and Wednesdays, with scaled-down meets the next four Thursdays between May 20 and June 10.

Practice tickets and a face mask are required.

While things are underway, it’s not too late to join. CMS students in grades 6-8 are eligible, and just need to contact Bitting or Gabelein.


The Wolf roster so far:

Abbigail Bond
Dianne Brown

Carly Burt

Preston Epp

Carson Field

Gabby Gebhard 

Lila Kallstrom 

Axel Marshall 

Sophia Mayne 

Eleanore McDonald 

Ivy Rudat 

Kyrese Simpson-Pilgrim 

Malachi Somes 

Joshua Stockdale 

Thomas Strelow 

Frankie Tenore 

Ayden Wyman 

Liza Zustiak 

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Coupeville High School girls basketball guru Scott Fox is among the coaches who will work with Wolf middle school athletes as they participate in intramurals during the pandemic. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Sports, uh, find a way.

While Coupeville Middle School athletes will not compete against other schools during the 2020-2021 school year, they will get a chance to stay active.

Athletic Director Willie Smith has pulled together a plan under which CMS students in grades 6-8 will be offered a variety of intramural options, with a mix of clinics and games.

“We are trying to offer our middle school students an opportunity to experience/participate in sports that are offered by us or in our community,” Smith said.

“Our high school coaches have partnered with either our middle school coaches or are working with our community programs to provide a clinic type atmosphere with some games thrown in each week.”

In some sports where CMS does not normally field a program, the school is working with groups such as Central Whidbey Little League or the Central Whidbey Soccer Club.

There is no cost, and students can participate in more than one sport in a season.

The plan calls for each sport to run 2-3 days a week during its season, with one day devoted to games.

“It is a great opportunity for our middle school students to get out and get exposed to some new, fun activities that in a regular year, they may not get to,” Smith said. “We really want this to be successful and have great attendance.”


The plan (with coach contacts):


(March 1-April 3)

Cross Country — Elizabeth Bitting — ebitting@coupeville.k12.wa.us — (**XC starts March 8**)

Flag Football (coed) — Marcus Carr — mcarr@coupeville.k12.wa.us

Girls/Boys Soccer — John Fowler — vicepresident@centralwhidbeysoccer.com

Volleyball — Cory Whitmore — cwhitmore@coupeville.k12.wa.us


(April 5-May 8)

Boys Basketball — Brad Sherman (bsherman@coupeville.k12.wa.us) and Jon Roberts (jroberts@coupeville.k12.wa.us)

Girls Basketball — Scott Fox (sfox@coupeville.k12.wa.us) and Fred Farris (ffarris@coupeville.k12.wa.us)


(May 10-June 12)

Baseball and Softball — Gordon McMillan — centralwhidbeyll@gmail.com

Track and Field — Elizabeth Bitting — ebitting@coupeville.k12.wa.us

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