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McKenzie Bailey, prairie legend.

All eyes on her.

McKenzie Bailey, vaunted member of the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame, and sharer (with sisters McKayla and Mollie) of the title of Prairie Photo Bomb Queen, continues to get noticed.

This time around she’s being honored by Central Washington University, named as one of three “Wildcats to Watch” for December.

Bailey, a 2020 CWU grad who is currently teaching 8th grade science in Ellensburg, was nominated “for her involvement as an intern in the STEM teaching program.”

Part of the Engle family, which has lived and farmed in Coupeville for decades, the middle of Rusty and Donna Bailey’s three daughters played volleyball, basketball, and tennis during her days as a Wolf.


To read all the details on why McKenzie is one to watch, pop over to:

Copy of Student Highlight Draft (cwu.edu)

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Jazmine Franklin (front) and McKenzie Bailey, during their days as high school tennis aces. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They were awesome together. They were awesome apart.

And now, three-plus years after graduation from Coupeville High School, Jazmine Franklin and McKenzie Bailey continue to grow in their awesomeness.

The former is an accomplished artist who’s a step away from breaking big, while the latter is on her way to being the coolest teacher a new generation of little kids could hope to meet in the classroom.

While both continue to soar on a daily basis as they chase their dreams, today we’re here to primarily talk about what they accomplished as Wolf athletes.

It is a sports blog, after all, and we’re way overdue on inducting the dazzling duo into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame.

So, let’s rectify that oversight and crack open the door on our digital hall of wonders, sending them into hallowed company as a team.

After this, when you wander up to the top of the blog and peek under the Legends tab, you’ll find Franklin and Bailey exactly where they’ve always deserved to be.

Both did it all, and did it extremely well, during their time in the red and black.

Franklin was an accomplished cheerleader and a class leader, while Bailey bopped her way through volleyball and basketball, while also being at the forefront of everything the Class of 2016 student leaders accomplished.

But, it was when they came together, picking up tennis rackets and laying waste to anyone foolhardy enough to wander into their path, where they sparkled like never before.

“Killer Kenny” attacks.

“Girl’s crazy … but I kind of dig it.”

CHS tennis coach Ken Stange referred to the fun-loving, hard-hitting duo as Salt ‘n Pepa, and they were his go-to whenever he needed a crucial win.

It might have been easy for their play to be overlooked, as their hard-court careers virtually mirrored those of Payton Aparicio and Sage Renninger, who were a #1 doubles team for four straight seasons, culminating in a long run at the state tourney their senior season.

Playing in the #2 slot never dinged their shine, however, as they methodically raked their way through other teams, while helping their teammates raise their own games.

When he looked back at the first 15 years of his career as leader of the Wolf tennis programs, Stange tabbed Franklin and Bailey as one of the best doubles duos he had coached.

He appreciated their ability to blister foes from big and small schools alike, and how they went about accomplishing the feat.

Over the course of their prep careers, the duo went an eye-popping 28-4 when teamed up together.

That’s a brain-melting .875 winning percentage, a number few, if any, Wolf athletes have come remotely close to hitting.

Always game for a photo op…

But deadly efficient on the court. (Ken Stange photo)

Franklin and Bailey were leaders on and off the court, a combined second voice for their coach, and they capped their prep careers by being “excellent team captains.”

Stange has seen (and coached) hundreds of young women and men during his decade-and-a-half-plus at CHS, but Salt ‘n Pepa remain among his favorites, for their skill, their fight, and their attitudes.

“They were about winning and fun, in that order,” he said. “They lived out loud and I loved it!”


To see (and possibly purchase) Franklin’s artwork, pop over to:


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   Josh Robinson gets ready to launch a charge up-field. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   The catcher is ready, but she’ll never get her mitt on the ball, as Lauren Rose smokes yet another hit.

Jacob Smith powers into the lead during a tense relay leg.

Freshman phenom Genna Wright makes an offering to the sun gods.

Jake Hoagland delivers pain unto an innocent baseball.

   Wolf runners Mallory Kortuem (foreground) and Natalie Hollrigel push hard for the finish line.

Ben Smith fights with a rival for possession of the ball.

   International superstar McKenzie Bailey finds multiple ways to stay warm on a chilly prairie while watching lil’ sis Mollie play softball.

The games will return.

Yes, today is the third consecutive day without a Coupeville team playing, as a rain-soaked spring break plays out.

But Friday, weather permitting, brings the return of Wolf softball, and Saturday is slated to see softball, baseball and soccer all take the field.

Until then, a smattering of photos, drawing from all the various spring sports, to remind you of what it looks like when athletes are actually in action.

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   Heidi Meyers gives volleyball teammate Catherine Lhamon a new ‘do. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The past and future of Wolf boys basketball hang out together.

   Fomer CHS foreign exchange student/tennis superstar Iris Ryckaert (left) renuites with Wolf buddies Breeanna Messner (middle) and Madeline Roberts.

   Back from college, Photo Goddess McKenzie Bailey allows mom Donna (left) and grandma Cheryl to get in on her fun.

It’s a mess of Messners.

Ethan Spark’s family show up to support their favorite hoops star.

Maddy Hilkey admires Spark’s taste in overcoats.

The Hunter Smith fan club holds an in-season meeting.

Alumni, current players and family, all mushed together.

Recent Coupeville High School basketball games brought out a dizzying array of fans, and photo whiz kid John Fisken used his faster-than-the-speed-of-light camera to document it all.

The proof sits above.

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Jae LeVine (John Fisken photos)

   Jae LeVine climbs the staircase to heaven to snare a wayward softball. (John Fisken photos)

Cole Payne

   Wolf catcher Cole Payne contemplates backhanding the Chimacum runner for getting home plate all dirty.

Jazmine Franklin

Jazmine Franklin works all the angles on the tennis court.


Katrina McGranahan comes in hot, easily beating the throw to second.


   CHS tennis coach Ken Stange (right) alerts the authorities to the presence of the paparazzi.

Joey Lippo

   Using just the power of his mind, Joey Lippo freezes the baseball in midair. The force is strong with this one.

Matt Hilborn

Matt Hilborn pulls a 2-for-1 special, getting a good flex in while firing to first.

Hope Lodell

Hope Lodell, AKA “The Surgeon,” prepares to carve up the next pitch.

That moment right before McKenzie "Killer Kenny" Bailey drills you with the ball.

  That moment right before McKenzie “Killer Kenny” Bailey drills you with the ball.

John Fisken’s camera is currently packed in ice, cooling down.

The wanderin’ photo man hit up Coupeville Monday and went a little wild, snapping pics at four different locations.

Giving his trusty camera no time for a breather, Fisken shot middle school track (scroll down the blog an article or two to find those pics), as well as high school baseball, softball and tennis.

The latter three are represented here, with a smorgasbord of his work.

To see more, and possibly purchase some, thereby helping fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes, pop over to:




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