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   CMS 8th grader Kylie Chernikoff won a league title in the discus Wednesday, smashing her PR by 13 feet. (Joanne Chernikoff photo)

They went out with a bang.

Coupeville 8th graders Kylie Chernikoff and Jake Mitten capped their middle school track careers Wednesday by winning league titles.

Chernikoff hurled the discus 78 feet to best a field of 14, while Mitten sailed over the high jump bar at five feet, two-and-a-half inches to top 21 rivals.

Their victories were the cherry on top for the Wolves, who survived a trip to the wilds of Forks for the Olympic League Championships.

The season-ending event drew seven middle schools, with the two largest ones taking team titles.

Sequim and Stevens, which support 2A high schools, took the boys and girls competitions, respectively.

Along with the wins, Coupeville also got a second-place finish in the 60 from 7th grader Ja’Kenya Hoskins and third-places finishes from its boys 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 relay teams.

Complete CMS results from Wednesday:


60 (Varsity) — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (2nd) 8.92; Emily Fiedler (7th) 9.41

60 (JV) — Angelina Gebhard (7th) 10.59; Maddy Andrews (8th) 11.88

100 (Varsity) — Kiara Contreras (10th) 15.60; Kylie Chernikoff (12th) 16.37

100 (JV) — Ella Colwell (8th) 17.27; Andrews (9th) 19.27

200 (Varsity) — Hoskins (4th) 29.89; Contreras (11th) 33.27

200 (JV) — Alana Mihill (7th) 40.82

800 (Varsity) — Adair De Jesus-Ramirez (5th) 3:07.05; Catherine Lhamon (6th) 3:09.85

800 (JV) — Mihill (5th) 3:17.71

1600 (Varsity) — Lhamon (5th) 6:26.14; De Jesus-Ramirez (6th) 6:33.75

75 Hurdles (Varsity) — Fiedler (9th) 16.01; Contreras (11th) 16.59

200 Hurdles (Varsity) — Bella Velasco (7th) 37.24

4 x 100 Relay (Varsity) — De Jesus-Ramirez, Gebhard, Noelle Daigneault, Velasco (4th) 1:04.45

4 x 200 Relay (Varsity) — Hoskins, Contreras, Gebhard, Velasco (4th) 2:08.65

Shot Put (Varsity) — Daigneault (8th) 23-02; Chernikoff (13th) 21-03;  Andrews (16th) 15-02

Discus (Varsity) — Chernikoff (1st) 78-00; Colwell (11th) 54-04

Turbo Javelin (Varsity) — Fiedler (10th) 56-11; Mihill (12th) 50-01; Colwell (15th) 44-03; Daigneault (17th) 37-07

High Jump (Varsity) — Fiedler (7th) 4-02

Long Jump (Varsity) — Hoskins (8th) 12-04.50; Chernikoff (21st) 9-04; Gebhard (22nd) 8-07.50


60 (Varsity) — Sam Wynn (4th) 8.67; Sage Downes (10th) 9.04

60 (JV) — Ben Smith (4th) 9.11

100 (Varsity) — Jake Mitten (4th) 12.86; Downes (9th) 13.87

100 (JV) — Smith (4th) 13.97; Zach Murtha (4th) 14.19

200 (Varsity) — Mitten (4th) 27.31

800 (Varsity) — Logan Wertz (12th) 3:16.59

1600 (Varsity) — Wynn (7th) 5:45.75; Murtha (9th) 6:03.91

1600 (JV) — Wertz (5th) 6:57.68

75 Hurdles (Varsity) — James Mayne (11th) 15.90

200 Hurdles (Varsity) — Smith (10th) 34.90

4 x 100 Relay (Varsity) — Wynn, Murtha, Downes, Mitten (3rd) 53.04

4 x 200 Relay (Varsity) — Mayne, Gabe Shaw, Trystan Ford, Smith (3rd) 2:08.44

Shot Put (Varsity) — Logan Martin (14th) 26-06; Alex Jimenez (18th) 23-06.50; Mayne (20th) 19-03

Discus (Varsity) — Martin (8th) 85-00; Wertz (20th) 64-03; Ford (21st) 62-05; Jimenez (24th) 55-03

Turbo Javelin (Varsity) — Martin (18th); Ford (16th) 81-05; Jimenez (20th) 64-01; Shaw (23rd) 58-00

High Jump (Varsity) — Mitten (1st) 5-02.50

Long Jump (Varsity) — Wynn (10th) 14-11; Downes (11th) 14-05.50

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   Randy King (with starter’s pistol) gets ready to unleash bedlam. (John Fisken photos)

Wolf throwers Alex Jimenez (left) and Trystan Ford plot their strategy.

Ja’Kenya Hoskins hits her stride.

   Cassidy Moody is in charge of this event, and she’s not about to take any sass (or wear any shoes).

Logan Martin unleashes his inner beast.

Kiara Contreras works on her kung fu while running the hurdles.

CHS track star Raven Vick juggles keeping stats and enjoying a cold treat.

Someone has spotted the cameraman.

   Fleet-footed relay runners (l to r) Jake Mitten, Sage Downes, Sam Wynn and Aiden Burdge head to the blocks.

The sun was shining, PRs were popping up in every race and the paparazzi was busy clicking away.

John Fisken wandered through Coupeville Tuesday and the photos above, capturing the lone home middle school track meet of the season, are courtesy him.

To see more (purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes), pop over to:


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   Ben Smith set PRs in two events Tuesday during a home CMS track meet. (Deb Smith photo)

   Kiara Contreras (left) and Ja’Kenya Hoskins amuse themselves between events. (Susan Hulst photo)

Success is in their DNA.

An astonishing 17 of the 20 Coupeville Middle School track and field athletes who competed Tuesday set at least one PR.

Part of the success might have stemmed from the Wolves being able to run and throw at a facility they are well acquainted with, cause it’s their own.

The lone home meet of the CMS season, it featured Coupeville facing off with Chimacum and Blue Heron (Port Townsend) and was held under rare sunny skies.

While all of the Wolves had strong days, Bella Velasco and Ja’Kenya Hoskins led the way, both nabbing PRs in all four of their events.

Coupeville has one regular season meet left on the schedule — a trip to Sequim May 16 — then wraps the year with the league championships at Forks May 24.

Complete CMS Tuesday results:


60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.18 *PR*

100 — Angelina Gebhard 16.30; Kylie Chernikoff 16.41; Kiara Contreras 16.50

200 — Hoskins 29.30 *PR*; Alana Mihill 42.00

400 — Bella Velasco 1:28.50 *PR*

800 — Adair De Jesus-Ramirez 3:07 *PR*; Mihill 3:21 *PR*

1600 — Catherine Lhamon 6:53

75 Hurdles — Contreras 17.01

200 Hurdles — Velasco 36.60 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — De Jesus-Ramirez, Gebhard, Noelle Daigneault, Velasco 1:04 *PR*

4 x 200 Relay — Hoskins, Contreras, Gebhard, Velasco 2:07 *PR*

Shot Put — Chernikoff 19-00

Discus — Chernikoff 65-00 *PR*

Turbo Javelin — Mihill 39-04 *PR*; De Jesus-Ramirez 35-10 *PR*

Long Jump — Hoskins 14-02.50 *PR*; Contreras 12-00 *PR*; Gebhard 10-09


60 — Sage Downes 9.15; Sam Wynn 9.16

100 — Jake Mitten 12.72 *PR*; Aiden Burdge 13.35 *PR*; Downes 13.50 *PR*; Zach Murtha 13.75 *PR*, Ben Smith 14.00 *PR*; James Mayne 15.35 *PR*; Gabe Shaw 15.50; Alex Jimenez 16.12 *PR*; Trystan Ford 16.69

1600 — Connor Barton 5:50; Wynn 5:53 *PR*; Murtha 5:58 *PR*

75 Hurdles — Mayne 17.65 *PR*

200 Hurdles — Smith 33.00 *PR*; Barton 34.00 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Wynn, Burdge, Downes, Mitten 56.64

Shot Put — Jimenez 22-10; Ford 22-05

Discus — Ford 57-01; Jimenez 51-06 *PR*

Turbo Javelin — Ford 72-05; Jimenez 40-08

Long Jump — Barton 13-03

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Cookies are handed out for PRs. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

   A Wolf prepares to heave the shot put into the great wide open. (Deb Smith photo)

   Track — a whole lot of waiting around, followed by running as fast as you can, then waiting some more for your next event. (Susan Hulst photo)

It was a day for PRs, and cookies.

Competing at a three-team meet in Port Townsend Wednesday, the Coupeville Middle School track squad ripped up its record books.

Logan Martin smashed his PR in the turbo javelin by an astonishing 47 feet, and that was just the start.

Others making big moves included Ben Smith (a 24-foot improvement in the javelin), Emily Fiedler (a 10-foot jump in the same event) and Catherine Lhamon (a 22-second time drop in the 800).

“I could go on and on!! It was a good day!!!,” said CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting.

The Wolves return home for their first meet on the school’s new track Tuesday, May 9.

Complete Wednesday results:


60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.43; Emily Fiedler 9.05; Maddy Andrews 9.60

100 — Kiara Contreras 15.09; Kylie Chernikoff 16.01; Angelina Gebhard 16.02

200 — Hoskins 30.15; Bella Velasco 34.84; Alana Mihill 40.15

800 — Catherine Lhamon 3:14.40; Adair De Jesus-Ramirez 3:16.40; Mihill 3:28.70

1600 — De Jesus-Ramirez 7:00

75 Hurdles — Contreras 16.60

4 x 100 Relay — De Jesus-Ramirez, Gebhard, Noelle Daigneault, Velasco 1:04.05

4 x 200 Relay — Hoskins, Contreras, Gebhard, Velasco 2:09.07

Shot Put — Chernikoff 20-05; Daigneault 18-05; Andrews 11-07

Discus — Chernikoff 53-00

Turbo Javelin — Fiedler 72-08; Ella Colwell 52-02; Daigneault 50-02; Lhamon 32-05

Long Jump — Gebhard 13-05; Hoskins 12-01.25; Contreras 10-4.25; Colwell 8-09; Chernikoff 7-10

High Jump — Fiedler 4-02


60 — Sam Wynn 8.02; Sage Downes 8.09

100 — Jake Mitten 12.81; Aiden Burdge 13.75; Downes 14.02; Ben Smith 14.28; Zach Murtha 14.58, Gabe Shaw 15.48; Trystan Ford 16.08; Alex Jimenez 16.78; James Mayne 17.37

1600 — Connor Barton 5:48; Wynn 5:50; Murtha 6:14; TJ Rickner 6:58

75 Hurdles — Mayne 18.75

200 Hurdles — Smith 33.06; Barton 34.28

4 x 100 Relay — Wynn, Burdge, Downes, Mitten 54.80; Murtha, Smith, Logan Martin, Barton 57.00

Shot Put — Ford 23-08; Jimenez 23-07.50; Shaw 22-09.50

Discus — Ford 57-00; Jimenez 44-02; Shaw 44-01

Turbo Javelin — Martin 144-06; Smith 98-06; Ford 76-08; Rickner 73-09; Logan Wertz 68-02; Jimenez 44-03

Long Jump — Wynn 14-05; Barton 13-09.50

High Jump — Martin 4-10; Mitten 4-10

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Xavier Murdy

   Xavier Murdy scored eight points and was a relentless beast on the boards Thursday for the CMS 7th graders. (John Fisken photos)

Dakota Eck

Dakota Eck wanders in among the tall trees.

Daniel Olson

Daniel Olson can taste the three-balls droppin’.

Connor Barton

Connor Barton wheels and deals under the ever-watchful eye of the ref.

Caleb Meyer

Caleb Meyer prepares to seize the moment.

Alex Jimenez

One on four? No big deal for Alex Jimenez.

It’s more about surviving than thriving.

Whenever Coupeville Middle School faces off with Stevens, the Wolves find themselves in a deep hole from the start.

Their foe is a fairly ginormous institution which feeds 2A Port Angeles High School (which has a student body four times the size of Coupeville High School).

With a much larger base of students to draw from, Stevens has a decided advantage, and it generally shows on the scoreboard.

Thursday was no different, as Coupeville put up a strong fight in its home finale, but dropped both games.

The Wolf 7th graders stayed within single digits for much of the first half, put together a stellar third quarter, but still fell 63-40.

Meanwhile, across the hall, the CMS 8th graders suffered through a cold-shooting first quarter and never recovered, losing 65-33.

The losses drop the Wolves to 5-4 and 2-7 respectively headed into their final game of the season, a rescheduled road contest at Sequim next Thursday.

Coupeville’s 8th graders fell behind 16-2 after the opening eight minutes and spent the rest of the game playing catch-up.

Jake Mitten poured in 14 of his team-high 16 in the middle two quarters, while Sage Downes knocked down eight points.

Daniel Olson (5) and Dakota Eck (4) rounded out the scoring attack, while Ben Smith and Alex Jimenez also saw floor time.

The Wolf 7th graders got on the board first in their game, with Xavier Murdy pounding home a rebound, and they stayed close in the early going.

Murdy, who was relentless on the boards, knocked down seven points in the early going, capping it with a layup off of a crisp pass from Logan Martin, and CMS was within six at the break, 18-12.

Stevens ability to run in five fresh players at a time began to wear on Coupeville after that, though.

A 12-4 run to end the half sent the Wolves into the locker room trailing by 13, and they were never able to fully recover.

The closest Coupeville got after that was 10, after a gorgeous three-ball from the left side off of Cody Roberts fingertips late in the third quarter.

Stevens blunted the charge, however, taking advantage of crisp passes and quick cuts to ring up a series of buckets in the paint.

Two bright spots for CMS came in the late going, as Connor Barton and Aiden Burdge pulled off sweet moves that left Stevens gobsmacked.

Barton shot up the middle, peeled off three defenders and knocked down a bucket while being hammered, then added the ensuing free throw for three the hard way.

Burdge upped the difficulty factor, charging into the fray and banking a ball high off the glass after getting it off barely over his defender’s outstretched arms.

Coupeville got points from seven of the 12 players to see action, with Caleb Meyer (11), Barton (8) and Murdy (8) leading the way.

Roberts (5), Grady Rickner (4), Martin (2) and Burdge (2) also tallied points, while Hawthorne Wolfe, Logan Wertz, Jonathan Carroll, Gabe Shaw and Tony Garcia also hit the floor.

To see more photos from the game (purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes) pop over to:


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