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   Aiden Burdge, seen here last season, was a spark-plug Monday for Coupeville. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

All in all, a pretty good day.

Facing off with visiting Blue Heron Monday, the Coupeville Middle School boys basketball squads came away with a split highlighted by the Wolf varsity romping to a big win.

The JV wasn’t quite as lucky, but did close with an especially strong fourth quarter in its loss.


In a game with a lot of offense, it was a superb defensive stand which launched the Wolves to a 64-43 win, evening their record at 2-2 on the season.

After a back-and-forth slug-fest of a first quarter which ended with things knotted at 17-17, Coupeville held Blue Heron without a field goal for 10 minutes.

20, if you count the halftime break.

Pushing the ball hard on breakaways — speed demon Hawthorne Wolfe knocked down 10 of his game-high 21 in the second quarter — then getting back on defense as a unit, CMS broke Blue Heron’s spirit.

A 16-3 romp in the second, in which the visitors could only manage three free throws (while missing five), juiced up the crowd.

Then, without missing a beat, the Wolves switched up and pounded the ball down low to Caleb Meyer, who opened the third quarter with back-to-back buckets while out-muscling his defender.

With the game blown wide open, Coupeville was able to withstand a very-effective three-ball wizard in a road uniform. While the Blue Heron gunner knocked down six treys, most of them came long after the game was decided.

And, just to show the visitors that they too could hit from behind the arc, the Wolves swished six balls from distance.

Wolfe hit the first, Logan Martin nailed a twisting miracle, Meyer knocked one down from the top, while Grady Rickner torched the net.

Putting a cap on the win, Rickner hit three-balls on three straight trips down the court to open the fourth quarter.

Each one came from a little further back, and each one sent his teammates and fans into ever-growing hysterics.

Proving they could attack from any angle, the Wolves closed the game by ditching the threes and punctuating things with some old-school savagery.

Gabe Shaw yanked down a rebound, pulling it away from a rival, then stepped between two defenders and set up Xavier Murdy for a layup with a crisp bounce pass.

Very next play, Murdy climbed into the sky to soundly reject a shot from Blue Heron’s tallest player.

Full of swagger at the start of the game, but clutching a stitch in his side midway through the third, the visitor learned one final lesson — don’t mess with X.

CMS spread out its offensive attack, with Meyer rattling the rim for 14 and Rickner tickling the twines for 12 in support of Wolfe’s 21.

Murdy and Martin each knocked down seven, Cody Roberts (a whirling dervish on defense) added three and Shaw and Aiden Burdge provided quality minutes off the bench.


A rough second quarter, in which the Wolves surrendered a 16-2 run, doomed Coupeville in a 62-46 loss.

CMS, which boasts little experience among its young guns, fell to 0-4.

But, while the final margin was substantial, it was radically cut down, as the Wolves sliced away at a 27-point deficit, getting it down to 16 by game’s end.

With Isaiah Bittner working hard in the paint and Dominic Coffman flying all over the place, Coupeville opened the fourth with 11 straight points.

After giving up back-to-back buckets, CMS went right back to Bittner and his hot hand, coasting in on a 5-1 run.

Coupeville, with a bit of unintentional trickery, stayed close in the game’s opening minutes.

At one point midway through the first quarter, a Wolf missed his cue to exit the game, and CMS attacked with six players on the floor.

With the odds ever in his favor, Burdge slashed to the hoop for a bucket.

Both coaching staffs, like the refs, didn’t notice the discrepancy until AFTER Blue Heron pulled the ball from the net, in-bounded it again and headed back up-court.

To the delight of the home crowd and the deep consternation of the visiting coaches, who later got an official warning from the refs for complaining after a different play, the basket stood.

Blue Heron got their revenge in the second quarter, though, using a string of fast-break layups to turn an eight-point lead into a 22-point bulge.

Lost in the hail of buckets for the visitors was a superb pass from Wolf guard Tony Garcia to Coffman.

Working an in-bound play to perfection, Garcia delivered his picture-perfect assist through a tangle of Blue Heron arms, while Coffman caught the pass, spun and nailed home a beauty of a banker.

Bittner finished with 12 points to pace the Wolves, while Shaw went off for eight of his 10 in the third quarter.

Alex Murdy (8), Coffman (6), Damon Stadler (4), Burdge (4) and Ty Hamilton (2) also scored, while Kevin Partida, Garcia, Levi Pulliam and Brayden Coatney rounded out the roster.

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   Caleb Meyer, with his #1 cheerleader, big sis Mckenzie, sealed Coupeville’s 14-13 win Wednesday with a last-second fumble recovery. (Frank Meyer photo)

The new stadium’s not fully built yet, but it’s already been baptized with a thriller of a win.

Playing in the shadows of a work crew slowly assembling glitzy new grandstands, the Coupeville Middle School football squad pulled off a wild 14-13 victory Wednesday over visiting Blue Heron.

To seal the victory, though, the Wolves had to come up with two epic plays in the final minute of play.

First, after surrendering a late touchdown toss from its Port Townsend-based rivals, Coupeville had to snuff out a two-point conversion attempt.

Then, as soon as that was done, the Wolves, having lost the ball after a bad bounce on the ensuing onside kick, had to make a huge defensive stand.

Instead of hanging tough on play after nerve-wracking play, CMS crushed the Blue Heron line on the very next play from scrimmage, forcing a fumble which bounced nearly from one side of the field to the other.

As players from both sides slammed into the turf, trying desperately to corral a seemingly greased-up ball which popped free not once, not twice, but three times, time stood still.

Until Wolf 8th grader Caleb Meyer, last heir to the Videoville legacy, pulled the ball into his chest and held on for dear life as every other player on the field fell on top of him.

Emerging from the heap a bit mussed, but flashing a mega-watt grin and holding the ball high, he elicited a tidal wave of cheers from Coupeville’s sidelines, where coaches Gabe Shaw and Ryan King led the celebration.

Filling in for Wolf head coach Bob Martin while he was out of town on real-world business, Shaw brought home the W, then passed out praise.

Logan Martin and Logan Wertz were “the dynamic duo,” controlling the line and “doing their due diligence hunting the ball on defense.”

Quarterback Xavier Murdy, who ran the offense while also finding time to pick off a pass on defense, did “a phenomenal job. He kept his composure when things got tight.”

Then, sweeping his hand across the horizon, his fingers pointing at each and every one of his players, Shaw nodded emphatically, grin on his face.

“Really, really nice support work from the whole crew … all the players and this crowd!”

Coupeville never trailed, jumping on Blue Heron for the game’s first score early in the second quarter.

Damon Stadler ripped through the defense, leaving a trail of would-be tacklers in his wake, as he plunged in from the five-yard line. Tack on a two-point kick from Murdy and CMS was staked to an 8-0 lead.

Two huge defensive plays from Scott Hilborn, plus a fumble recovery by Martin and a big break-up of a pass by Nezi Keiper, made the score stand up heading into the halftime break.

Hilborn, a slick-hitting, slick-fielding baseball star, may not be the biggest guy on the gridiron, but he picks his moments to play like a giant.

On the first play on his Wednesday highlight reel, Wendi and Steve Hilborn’s youngest chased down a Blue Heron kickoff returner, preventing a touchdown when he rammed the runner out of bounds a step or two shy of the end zone.

Coupeville’s defense stiffened, shoving the visitors back, then Hilborn struck again.

Facing fourth down, Blue Heron’s QB tried to roll out and look for a pass, only to have his plans thwarted when Hilborn, flying around from the side, brought him down with a sack.

To make the tackle, he had to grab the passer’s shoe, then yank with enough force to topple him before he could let loose with a toss. Mission accomplished.

Blue Heron finally got on the board midway through the third, marching down the field on a four-minute-plus drive that ended with an 18-yard scoring run to daylight.

Coupeville didn’t break, though, blocking the kick to keep the score tight at 8-6.

Then things got bonkers in the fourth.

Hold on to something, cause things are about to come flying at you.

Lunging for the end zone after a sweet catch over the middle, Coupeville’s Hawthorne Wolfe got popped hard from behind and the ball was jarred loose. Advantage, Blue Heron.

But Murdy promptly climbed the stairway to heaven, picking a pass. Advantage, Coupeville.

Hilborn made a sensational recovery off of a fumble by a teammate to keep the ensuing drive alive, before the Wolves used some trickery (Cody Roberts pulled off a TimTebow-in-his-college-prime hop and pass, hitting Stadler for a TD) to stretch the lead.

Big advantage, Coupeville.

Except … the visitors blocked the kick, then drove down field for a potential game-tying score of their own. Advantage, Blue Heron.

But the final advantage belonged to the guys in the red and black uniforms, sending a surprisingly large crowd to the exit with smiles and hugs all around.

The Wolves broke through Blue Heron’s line, preventing them from getting a kick off.

While the visitors picked the ball up and ran it in, middle school rules, aimed at encouraging kicking, are the reverse of those used in high school, college or the NFL, awarding two points for a kick and just one for a run or pass.

Still trailing, Blue Heron went for a miracle, and got part of it with the onside kick.

Enter Meyer, playing the role of the closer on the same field where his uncle, Michael, once cleared running room for Coupeville’s career rushing leader, Ian Barron.

As he carried the ball, and the win, off the field, Caleb (whose aunts Jennifer, Kathryn and Megan and big sis Mckenzie all starred in a variety of sports for the Wolves, as well) wrote another tale in his family’s book of athletic success.

It’s a pretty good bet there are a lot more chapters still to come.

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Cookies are handed out for PRs. (Elizabeth Bitting photo)

   A Wolf prepares to heave the shot put into the great wide open. (Deb Smith photo)

   Track — a whole lot of waiting around, followed by running as fast as you can, then waiting some more for your next event. (Susan Hulst photo)

It was a day for PRs, and cookies.

Competing at a three-team meet in Port Townsend Wednesday, the Coupeville Middle School track squad ripped up its record books.

Logan Martin smashed his PR in the turbo javelin by an astonishing 47 feet, and that was just the start.

Others making big moves included Ben Smith (a 24-foot improvement in the javelin), Emily Fiedler (a 10-foot jump in the same event) and Catherine Lhamon (a 22-second time drop in the 800).

“I could go on and on!! It was a good day!!!,” said CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting.

The Wolves return home for their first meet on the school’s new track Tuesday, May 9.

Complete Wednesday results:


60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.43; Emily Fiedler 9.05; Maddy Andrews 9.60

100 — Kiara Contreras 15.09; Kylie Chernikoff 16.01; Angelina Gebhard 16.02

200 — Hoskins 30.15; Bella Velasco 34.84; Alana Mihill 40.15

800 — Catherine Lhamon 3:14.40; Adair De Jesus-Ramirez 3:16.40; Mihill 3:28.70

1600 — De Jesus-Ramirez 7:00

75 Hurdles — Contreras 16.60

4 x 100 Relay — De Jesus-Ramirez, Gebhard, Noelle Daigneault, Velasco 1:04.05

4 x 200 Relay — Hoskins, Contreras, Gebhard, Velasco 2:09.07

Shot Put — Chernikoff 20-05; Daigneault 18-05; Andrews 11-07

Discus — Chernikoff 53-00

Turbo Javelin — Fiedler 72-08; Ella Colwell 52-02; Daigneault 50-02; Lhamon 32-05

Long Jump — Gebhard 13-05; Hoskins 12-01.25; Contreras 10-4.25; Colwell 8-09; Chernikoff 7-10

High Jump — Fiedler 4-02


60 — Sam Wynn 8.02; Sage Downes 8.09

100 — Jake Mitten 12.81; Aiden Burdge 13.75; Downes 14.02; Ben Smith 14.28; Zach Murtha 14.58, Gabe Shaw 15.48; Trystan Ford 16.08; Alex Jimenez 16.78; James Mayne 17.37

1600 — Connor Barton 5:48; Wynn 5:50; Murtha 6:14; TJ Rickner 6:58

75 Hurdles — Mayne 18.75

200 Hurdles — Smith 33.06; Barton 34.28

4 x 100 Relay — Wynn, Burdge, Downes, Mitten 54.80; Murtha, Smith, Logan Martin, Barton 57.00

Shot Put — Ford 23-08; Jimenez 23-07.50; Shaw 22-09.50

Discus — Ford 57-00; Jimenez 44-02; Shaw 44-01

Turbo Javelin — Martin 144-06; Smith 98-06; Ford 76-08; Rickner 73-09; Logan Wertz 68-02; Jimenez 44-03

Long Jump — Wynn 14-05; Barton 13-09.50

High Jump — Martin 4-10; Mitten 4-10

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   Genna Wright, thoroughly enjoying every moment of her athletic career. (John Fisken photo)

The little sister can kick your fanny, too.

Genna Wright is one of the most naturally exuberant athletes to ever grace Coupeville, epic smile beaming from coast to coast every time she plays, regardless of the sport or the outcome of the game.

Truth be told, though, she has a lot more good plays than bad.

Which is only fitting, since she comes from a family jam-packed with current and former Wolf stars that include Genna’s siblings and cousins alike.

Monday, the youngest in the family firmly seized the spotlight, torching Blue Heron for 20 points in her last hoops game in a Coupeville Middle School uniform.

Popping jumpers from everywhere on the floor, crashing the boards, leading the break, Wright was a one-woman wrecking ball, sparking the Wolf 8th graders to a 56-6 romp in their season finale.

Toss in a 24-10 win for the CMS 7th graders and things came to a positive end all around.

With the victories, the young guns finished 6-4 for first-year coach Megan Smith, while the “older” crew topped out at 3-7 for departing coach Ryan King.

We put older in parenthesis, since there were only four 8th graders playing this year, requiring the CMS coaches to shuffle players around all season.

Monday, it didn’t matter much which players were on the floor for the Wolves, cause they all shot the lights out.

8th grade:

Three plays in and the game was over.

Wolf scoring ace Chelsea Prescott put a rebound back up and in, knocked down a layup off a pass from Mollie Bailey, then circled around, paused for a second to see if big brother Devin was paying attention and sliced through the defense for a third-straight bucket.

At which point Wright waved her hand, bellowed “Hold my water!” and really unleashed (metaphorical) death and destruction.

By the time she was done (for a moment), she had racked up 10 points in the first quarter alone and CMS was sitting up 24-3 at the first break.

In between Wright’s early buckets, three of which came off of steals, the Wolves got a sweet jumper from Bailey, a steal and pedal-to-the-metal layup from Heidi Clinkscales and one more eye-popper from Prescott.

Picking the pocket of a Blue Heron player, #23 spun down the left side of the court, slashed to her right at the last moment, then arm way out in front of her, dropped a scoop shot high off the glass.

The one and only shot the visitors hit in the first half was a thing of beauty, a three-ball from way behind the arc lofted by Blue Heron’s smallest, but maybe hardest-charging player.

With the game way, way out of reach, King and his squad did everything possible to not inflict any more damage than necessary.

Wright, who had 16 at the half, settled for just two jumpers after the break, instead looking to set up her teammates.

It worked, as all nine Wolves who saw action in the nightcap scored a bucket, with the biggest roar reserved for 7th grader Lily Leedy.

A plucky ball-hawk who relentlessly crashes through the defense, and made off with a string of steals Monday, she tends to be a pass-first player, but her teammates wanted to get her in the scoring column.

Playing to the moment, Leedy banked home a jump shot with 34 ticks on the clock, getting the kind of response from the fans normally reserved for a buzzer-beater.

As Leedy back-pedaled, ready to shred people on defense, her smile matched that of Wright, who ran by pumping her fist.

Prescott finished with 12 to back Wright’s 20, while Abby Mulholland drained three gorgeous jumpers en route to six points of her own.

Izzy Wells (5), Clinkscales (5), Leedy (2), Bailey (2), Katelin Painter (2) and Bella Velasco (2) rounded out the season-best scoring performance.

7th grade:

The opening game was a classic example of an afternoon where Coupeville could have won by 50, if the ball hadn’t kept taking weird spins and popping back out the hoop.

The Wolves were in control from start to finish, opening and closing with 8-0 quarters, and when Blue Heron hit shots, they tended to be of the miracle variety.

CMS opened with four different players popping for buckets in the first quarter, with the highlight being a beautifully-crafted give-and-go play run by Kiara Contreras and Kylie Van Velkinburgh.

Audrianna Shaw, who not once, but three times, blew up defenders, knocking them off their feet, and still got the foul called on her rival each time, closed the first half with a bang.

Taking the ball off the rim, she went coast-to-coast on back-to-back rampages, capping each play with a driving lay-in where she firmly banked the ball home.

Contreras became the go-to player after the break, knocking down a bank shot from the side (virtually identical to a bucket drained moments earlier by teammate Katelin McCormick), before swishing a pair of perfectly-angled free throws off the glass to cap things.

Shaw and Contreras tied for the scoring lead with six apiece, while Ja’Kenya Hoskins (3), Anya Leavell (3), Samantha Streitler (2), McCormick (2) and Adair De Jesus (2) rounded out the attack.

The trio of Leedy, McKenna Somes and Alana Mihill were constantly-buzzing bees on defense, as CMS harassed their visitors from opening tip to final buzzer.

One final note:

While CMS routed its visitors, the two schools showed genuine camaraderie.

In between games, players from both teams moved back and forth in the bleachers, waving their phones at each other and buzzing about matters big and small.

And, as the season closed, a pack of Wolves led by Hoskins descended on the Blue Heron players and started hugging people left and right.

As they did so, one of the Port Townsend girls screamed, “WE LOVE COUPEVILLE!!”

So, we got that going for us, which is nice.

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Mollie Bailey (John Fisken photo)

   Mollie Bailey pumped in six points Monday as the Wolf 8th graders rolled to a huge win. (John Fisken photo)

Somebody send the fire department to Port Townsend, cause the joint just got torched.

Well, on the basketball court, at least, where the Coupeville Middle School girls basketball squads went nuclear on Blue Heron.

Rattling home buckets from every angle, while getting 14 girls in the scoring column, the Wolves reached the halfway point of the season Monday with a pair of feel-good routs.

The 7th grade squad clamped down on defense en route to a 45-9 romp, while the CMS 8th graders singed the nets to a 62-14 tune.

The victories lifted the 7th graders to 3-2 on the season, while the 8th graders sit at 1-4.

Both teams return to action next Monday, Mar. 13, when they host Chimacum.

7th grade:

Defense was the name of the game, as Coupeville refused to let its hosts get into double digits.

Up 12-2 after one quarter, the Wolves stretched things out to 26-4 at the half and 39-8 after three.

Audrianna Shaw and Ja’Kenya Hoskins both outscored Blue Heron by themselves, tallying 14 and 13 points, respectively.

Kylie Van Velkinburgh scorched the nets for eight, while Samantha Streitler (4), Anya Leavell (4) and Alanna Mihill (2) rounded out the scoring attack.

Adair DeJesus, Katelin McCormick and McKenna Somes all saw floor time as well for the on-point Wolves.

“We played very hard and as a team!,” said CMS coach Megan Smith. “I’m very proud of each and every one of them.”

8th grade:

With only four 8th graders on their roster, the older squad turned to four 7th graders to balance its roster, and one of those younger players, Izzy Wells, poured in 18 to pace the Wolves.

Genna Wright banged home 16, Chelsea Prescott tickled the twines for 14 and Mollie Bailey knocked down eight.

Meanwhile, Heidi Clinkscales, Katelyn Painter, Abby Mulholland and Isabella Velasco each added a bucket.

With the game out of hand early (14-2 after one and 26-6 at the half), CMS 8th grade coach Ryan King mixed and matched his roster, making sure every Wolf got a bucket.

“So proud of my girls. They have worked hard all year long and today they came out on fire and never looked back,” King said. “Every single one of them played amazing.

“They all stepped up. Our goals for this game were to play shut down defense, attack the basket, win the rebound game and most importantly, I wanted everyone to score,” he added. “We reached all our goals and I was so happy to see all of them score.”

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