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Coupeville 7th graders Brionna Blouin (left) and Allison Nastali both earned ribbons at the Cascade League Track and Field Championships. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

The Wolves closed their season Friday at home with a Class vs. Class meet, won by the 8th graders.

Powered by Prairie Center snacks, the Wolves went out with a burst of excitement.

Before leaving town Thursday for the Cascade League Championships, Coupeville Middle School track and field athletes hit up their local grocery store for a wide range of food products.

Whatever they bought seemed to do the trick, as the Wolves went off in Lakewood, throwing down 20 PR’s and breaking a school record.

CMS 8th grader Alex Murdy closed his middle school career by ripping off a run of 24.94 seconds in the 200, erasing Gabe Eck (25.82 in 2015) from the record book.

It was actually the second-straight time Murdy had shattered the mark, as he ran a 25.25 Tuesday in the prelims.

A second school record also fell Tuesday, and was officially recognized Thursday.

8th grader Carolyn Lhamon, competing in the shot put on day one, threw the orb 32 feet, 11.50 inches, more than five feet past her previous PR of 27-09.

Turns out that tops the previous CMS mark of 29-02.25, set by Morgan Pease in 2016.

What makes it even more remarkable is Lhamon has only been tossing the shot for about a month, picking it up while resting shin splints.

The record-busters drew the headlines, but Coupeville was strong across the board in Thursday’s regular season finale.

“Our athletes’ top-notch efforts, mixed with a season full of improvements earned through hard work, made our first trip to the Cascade League finals one that was full of PRs, great rankings, and even a couple of broken records,” said CMS coach Jon Gabelein.

“Even in the hot sun, nearly all runners found a way to earn a PR today.”


(Hopefully) complete Thursday results:



1600 (8th grade) — Carolyn Lhamon (5th) 7:02.12

100 Hurdles (8th grade) — Claire Mayne (6th) 19.86 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (7th grade) — Allison Nastali, Desi Ramirez, Brionna Blouin, Brielle Armstrong (5th) 1:00.55

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, Abigail Ramirez, Cristina McGrath, Ryanne Knoblich (4th) 59.50

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, Lhamon, A. Ramirez, Knoblich (2nd) 2:10.22

Discus (7th grade) — Blouin (2nd) 61-11.50 *PR*; D. Ramirez (4th) 59-04.50 *PR*; Armstrong (7th) 49-10.50 *PR*; Nastali (8th) 48-08 *PR*; Erica McGrath (12th) 46-03.50 *PR*; Isabella Schooley (17th) 36-09.50

Discus (8th grade) — C. McGrath (7th) 56-07; Helen Strelow (10th) 51-05; Taygin Jump (15th) 45-00 *PR*; Camryn Clark (20th) 38-11 *PR*

Long Jump (7th grade) — E. McGrath (5th) 11-10.50; Nastali (10th) 10-11 *PR*; D. Ramirez (15th) 9-11

Long Jump (8th grade) — Knoblich (7th) 12-10; Strelow (8th) 12-08 *PR*; Mayne (11th) 12-05; C. McGrath (22nd) 11-00



100 (8th grade) — Reiley Araceley (7th) 12.74 *PR*

200 (7th grade) — Nick Guay (4th) 28.65 *PR*

200 (8th grade) — Alex Murdy (3rd) 24.94 *PR* *SCHOOL RECORD*

400 (8th grade) — Joven Light (6th) 1:05.02

800 (7th grade) — Cole White (6th) 2:36.57 *PR*; Hank Milnes (8th) 2:41.73 *PR*

800 (8th grade) — Aiden Anderson (3rd) 2:35.50 *PR*; Tate Wyman (12th) 3:08.43 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (7th grade) — Milnes, Mikey Robinett, N. Guay, Logan Downes (2nd) 55.91

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Araceley, Dominic Coffman, Light, Murdy (2nd) 50.81

4 x 200 Relay (7th grade) — Timothy Nitta, Robinett, N. Guay, Downes (2nd) 1:58.73

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — Josh Guay, Araceley, Jacob Mathusek, Wyman (4th) 2:02.89

Shot Put (7th grade) — William Davidson (7th) 24-07; Ryan Blouin (11th) 23-05 *PR*

Shot Put (8th grade) — Josh Upchurch (7th) 29-04 *PR*; Killian Coen (12th) 25-10; J. Guay (23rd) 17-07 *PR*

High Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (2nd) 5-05; Coffman (7th) 4-10


**And, if you’re wondering why the fanatic who stays up until 3 AM to publish stories the day the event happens is just now getting this story up two days later … it’s a long story.

Suffice it to say, results seemingly weren’t posted, then they were finally found posted in the wrong place, and, even now, we’re not 100% sure everything got posted by the folks in Lakewood.


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Coupeville’s Carolyn Lhamon lets it rip Tuesday, beating her shot put PR by more than five feet. (Helene Lhamon photo)

It was a long and eventful day.

The Coupeville Middle School track and field squad opened the two-day Cascade League Championships Tuesday at Lakewood, and got a bit of everything.

With day one a mix of prelims and finals, the Wolves piled up 25 PR’s, advanced several athletes in highly-competitive races, then celebrated with dinner at a surprise location.

“To celebrate our great performance at our first prelims within this league, we stopped at Costco on the way home to eat!,” said CMS coach Jon Gabelein.

“The athletes were surprised at how much more of an adventure it was compared to what an ordinary McDonald’s visit would have offered.”

The tasty treats compensated for the hardships the Wolves faced at the track oval.

“Officials shared that due to a headwind at the Lakewood High School track, run times for sprints trended slower than they would have otherwise been,” Gabelein said. “So any PR earned was actually even more amazing than the recorded time.”

The day was full of top-notch performances, with Coupeville 8th graders Carolyn Lhamon (shot put) and Alex Murdy (long jump) claiming 2nd in the finals of their events at the seven-team meet.

Lhamon, who only recently picked up the event as a substitute for the 1600 while recovering from shin splints, had a phenomenal performance.

Her previous-best throw was 27 feet, nine inches, but Tuesday she uncorked a lob of 32-11.50.

Other Wolf highlights included 7th graders Allison Nastali and Brionna Blouin nailing PR’s in the shot put under unusual circumstances.

Nastali was throwing for the first time while using the glide strategy, while Blouin competed in someone else’s shoes, after getting an assist from teammate Desi Ramirez.

Coupeville advanced five runners from the prelims to Thursday’s finals in running events, with 8th grader Claire Mayne kicking things off by hitting a PR in the 100 hurdles.

Joining her in making the jump to finals are 7th grader Nick Guay (200), along with 8th graders Reiley Araceley (100), Murdy (200), and Joven Light (400).


Complete Tuesday results:



100 (7th grade) (Prelims) — Erica McGrath (20th) 16.27; Brielle Armstrong (26th) 17.60; Alena Osborne (27th) 17.73 *PR*; Isabella Schooley (28th) 17.78 *PR*

100 (8th grade) (Prelims) — Abigail Ramirez (16th) 15.65 *PR*; Taygin Jump (19th) 15.73; Trinity McGee (22nd) 15.84

200 (8th grade) (Prelims) — A. Ramirez (16th) 32.75 *PR*; Jump (15th) 34.03; Camryn Clark (20th) 36.66 *PR*

800 (8th grade) (Finals) — Carolyn Lhamon (6th) 2:57.92; Helen Strelow (7th) 3:01.08 *PR*

100 Hurdles (8th grade) (Prelims) — Claire Mayne (7th) 19.98 *PR*; Camryn Clark (17th) 23.77 *PR*

Shot Put (7th grade) (Finals) — Brionna Blouin (4th) 24-09.50 *PR*; Allison Nastali (5th) 24-03 *PR*; Schooley (14th) 21-00.50; Desi Ramirez (15th) 20-10

Shot Put (8th grade) (Finals) — Lhamon (2nd) 32-11.50 *PR*; Jordyn Rogers (18th) 19-02

High Jump (8th grade) (Finals) — Ryanne Knoblich (6th) 4-03; Jump (11th) 3-10; McGee (11th) 3-10; Cristina McGrath (11th) 3-10



100 (7th grade) (Prelims) — Logan Downes (12th) 14.68; Nick Guay (13th) 14.74 *PR*; Mikey Robinett (16th) 14.91; Timothy Nitta (18th) 15.14 *PR*; Ryan Blouin (30th) 17.07

100 (8th grade) (Prelims) — Reiley Araceley (3rd) 12.94 *PR*; Coen Killian (10th) 13.31 *PR*; Joven Light (12th) 13.72; Dominic Coffman (19th) 14.30; Jacob Mathusek (25th) 14.88

200 (7th grade) (Prelims) — Nick Guay (6th) 29.23; Nitta (14th) 31.25 *PR*; Blouin (22nd) 34.48; Alex Clark (23rd) 35.71 *PR*

200 (8th grade) (Prelims) — Alex Murdy (2nd) 25.25 *PR*; Josh Upchurch (17th) 30.11 *PR*; Josh Guay (22nd) 32.92

400 (8th grade) (Prelims) — Light (6th) 1:05.17; Upchurch (14th) 1:14.70

1600 (7th grade) (Finals) — Cole White (8th) 5:49.18 *PR*; Hank Milnes (9th) 5:54.28 *PR*

1600 (8th grade) (Finals) — Aiden Anderson (6th) 6:01.64 *PR*; Tate Wyman (11th) 6:45.60

110 Hurdles (7th grade) (Prelims) — A. Clark (16th) 28.86

Discus (7th grade) (Finals) — Zane Oldenstadt (6th) 69-09.50; William Davidson (18th) 51-01

Discus (8th grade) (Finals) — Anderson (13th) 65-07; Upchurch (15th) 63-11; Light (20th) 59-11; Mathusek (23rd) 53-03.50; J. Guay (24th) 51-05

Long Jump (7th grade) (Finals) — Robinett (7th) 13-09 *PR*; White (11th) 13-01; Downes (13th) 12-10; Milnes (17th) 12-05 *PR*; A. Clark (30th) 10-05

Long Jump (8th grade) (Finals) — Murdy (2nd) 16-05; Killian (4th) 15-06 *PR*; Araceley (12th) 14-01; Mathusek (15th) 12-11; Wyman (20th) 11-09.50

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Claire Mayne pounds across the grass Wednesday at the middle school cross country championships. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Coupeville boys attack as a pack.

Hank Milnes is so fast, his feet don’t even touch the ground.

The Wolf girls brace for the sound of the starter’s pistol.

Carolyn Lhamon zings across the fresh grass.

Cole White ambles on home.

From nothing, they built something. The first CMS cross country squad in 20+ years.

They are the trailblazers.

The 15 young men and women in Coupeville Middle School cross country jerseys who ran Wednesday in the league championships at Langley may not fully realize what they have accomplished.

But, as time passes, as the CMS program continues to grow and rebuild, these Wolves, the ones who ran their hearts out all season, will be remembered.

They are the ones who brought cross country back to their school after a 20+ year absence.

The ones who stepped up and said “Me, I will go,” when Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith asked to see shoes at the starting line.

The harriers, many new to the sport, who trained every day, who blossomed under the tutelage of coach Elizabeth Bitting, a cross country champion given the chance to live out her second dream as a coach in the sport.

They are the start, they are the dream realized, and, one day, when they have children of their own, they will look back on the fall of 2018 and proudly say, “I did it. You can do it. One foot in front of the other, never stop running, and never stop believing in yourself.”


To see everything John Fisken shot Wednesday in Langley, pop over to:


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Cole White, here with Coupeville Middle School cross country coach Elizabeth Bitting, finished 9th Wednesday at the league championships. (Photo by Morgan White)

They saved their best for the final lap.

Competing at the league championships Wednesday, the Coupeville Middle School cross country squad compiled 12 PR’s and capped an impressive return to the sport.

CMS, which hasn’t fielded a harrier program in 20+ years, finished 3rd in the girls team standings and 5th in the boys. Host Langley won both titles.

“I can not say enough about how proud I am of these athletes,” said Wolf coach Elizabeth Bitting. “To hear them strategize, to see them get pumped and ready, to see them cheering for their teammates as well as other runners, was beyond anything I ever imagined!

“What a truly fabulous season!!”

Coupeville’s return to competition started and ended on the same course at South Whidbey High School, and seeing how her runners had progressed in their first season was a true joy for their coach.

“Not only did 12 of 15 runners PR, but they blew their first times out of the water!,” Bitting said.

Three Wolves — Allison Nastali, Helen Strelow and Hayden Harry — paced the pack, each dropping their best time by between one minute, 29 seconds and 1:32.

“Look at those improvements! 1:30 is HUMONGOUS in running! WOWZA!!,” Bitting said.

“If only we could have extended the season a few weeks longer!,” she added. “They worked hard. They were strong! They finished tired! Already looking forward to the next cross country season! So proud! Super proud!”


Complete Tuesday results – 1.7 mile course:



Carolyn Lhamon (9th)12:41.09
Claire Mayne (11th)12:45.78
Helen Strelow (19th)13:09.81
Allison Nastali (27th)14:35.08
Sam McMahon (29th)14:51.38
Erica McGrath (31st)15:07.69
Cristina McGrath (32nd)15:17.97



Cole White (9th) 11:30.95
Hank Milnes (17th)11:58.94
Aiden Anderson (21st)12:10.71
Tate Wyman (29th)12:37.28
Justin Wilkinson (37th)12:56.19
Hayden Harry (38th)12:56.61
Andrew Williams (53rd) 14:08.28
Alex Clark (65th) 15:20.95

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   CMS 8th grader Kylie Chernikoff won a league title in the discus Wednesday, smashing her PR by 13 feet. (Joanne Chernikoff photo)

They went out with a bang.

Coupeville 8th graders Kylie Chernikoff and Jake Mitten capped their middle school track careers Wednesday by winning league titles.

Chernikoff hurled the discus 78 feet to best a field of 14, while Mitten sailed over the high jump bar at five feet, two-and-a-half inches to top 21 rivals.

Their victories were the cherry on top for the Wolves, who survived a trip to the wilds of Forks for the Olympic League Championships.

The season-ending event drew seven middle schools, with the two largest ones taking team titles.

Sequim and Stevens, which support 2A high schools, took the boys and girls competitions, respectively.

Along with the wins, Coupeville also got a second-place finish in the 60 from 7th grader Ja’Kenya Hoskins and third-places finishes from its boys 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 relay teams.

Complete CMS results from Wednesday:


60 (Varsity) — Ja’Kenya Hoskins (2nd) 8.92; Emily Fiedler (7th) 9.41

60 (JV) — Angelina Gebhard (7th) 10.59; Maddy Andrews (8th) 11.88

100 (Varsity) — Kiara Contreras (10th) 15.60; Kylie Chernikoff (12th) 16.37

100 (JV) — Ella Colwell (8th) 17.27; Andrews (9th) 19.27

200 (Varsity) — Hoskins (4th) 29.89; Contreras (11th) 33.27

200 (JV) — Alana Mihill (7th) 40.82

800 (Varsity) — Adair De Jesus-Ramirez (5th) 3:07.05; Catherine Lhamon (6th) 3:09.85

800 (JV) — Mihill (5th) 3:17.71

1600 (Varsity) — Lhamon (5th) 6:26.14; De Jesus-Ramirez (6th) 6:33.75

75 Hurdles (Varsity) — Fiedler (9th) 16.01; Contreras (11th) 16.59

200 Hurdles (Varsity) — Bella Velasco (7th) 37.24

4 x 100 Relay (Varsity) — De Jesus-Ramirez, Gebhard, Noelle Daigneault, Velasco (4th) 1:04.45

4 x 200 Relay (Varsity) — Hoskins, Contreras, Gebhard, Velasco (4th) 2:08.65

Shot Put (Varsity) — Daigneault (8th) 23-02; Chernikoff (13th) 21-03;  Andrews (16th) 15-02

Discus (Varsity) — Chernikoff (1st) 78-00; Colwell (11th) 54-04

Turbo Javelin (Varsity) — Fiedler (10th) 56-11; Mihill (12th) 50-01; Colwell (15th) 44-03; Daigneault (17th) 37-07

High Jump (Varsity) — Fiedler (7th) 4-02

Long Jump (Varsity) — Hoskins (8th) 12-04.50; Chernikoff (21st) 9-04; Gebhard (22nd) 8-07.50


60 (Varsity) — Sam Wynn (4th) 8.67; Sage Downes (10th) 9.04

60 (JV) — Ben Smith (4th) 9.11

100 (Varsity) — Jake Mitten (4th) 12.86; Downes (9th) 13.87

100 (JV) — Smith (4th) 13.97; Zach Murtha (4th) 14.19

200 (Varsity) — Mitten (4th) 27.31

800 (Varsity) — Logan Wertz (12th) 3:16.59

1600 (Varsity) — Wynn (7th) 5:45.75; Murtha (9th) 6:03.91

1600 (JV) — Wertz (5th) 6:57.68

75 Hurdles (Varsity) — James Mayne (11th) 15.90

200 Hurdles (Varsity) — Smith (10th) 34.90

4 x 100 Relay (Varsity) — Wynn, Murtha, Downes, Mitten (3rd) 53.04

4 x 200 Relay (Varsity) — Mayne, Gabe Shaw, Trystan Ford, Smith (3rd) 2:08.44

Shot Put (Varsity) — Logan Martin (14th) 26-06; Alex Jimenez (18th) 23-06.50; Mayne (20th) 19-03

Discus (Varsity) — Martin (8th) 85-00; Wertz (20th) 64-03; Ford (21st) 62-05; Jimenez (24th) 55-03

Turbo Javelin (Varsity) — Martin (18th); Ford (16th) 81-05; Jimenez (20th) 64-01; Shaw (23rd) 58-00

High Jump (Varsity) — Mitten (1st) 5-02.50

Long Jump (Varsity) — Wynn (10th) 14-11; Downes (11th) 14-05.50

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