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Coupeville and Oak Harbor players unite to form Whidbey Volleyball Club’s first boys’ team.

Interest in volleyball is booming year-round.

Nine Coupeville High School spikers are currently playing for the Whidbey Volleyball Club, while sisters Lyla and Tenley Stuurmans suit up for a club team in Mount Vernon.

Now you can add four Wolf boys to the list, with Tate Wyman, Reiley Araceley, Grant Steller, and Mason Butler picking up the sport.

The quartet, who all played on the CHS soccer team in the fall, are part of the first boys team put together by the Whidbey Volleyball Club.

The U18 squad, coached by Vince Quidachey, has a seven-tournament schedule which runs from Jan. through May.

Wyman is listed as a middle blocker, while Steller is an outside hitter, Butler a setter, and Aracely toils as a libero.

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Gwen Crowder leads off a collection of CHS soccer Senior Night portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

It was a two-for-one special on the soccer pitch.

Tuesday night brought Senior Night festivities to Coupeville’s Mickey Clark Field, with male and female booters both honored.

Nine Wolves — five girls and four boys — were celebrated, with both CHS squads also winning games against visiting La Conner.

Grant Steller

Nezi Keiper

Reiley Araceley

Anna Myles

Aidan Wilson

Wynter Arndt

Cameron Epp

Carolyn Lhamon

The pitch is theirs.

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Aidan Wilson hits the track in full stride. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Catherine Lhamon stays a step (or two) ahead of the pack.

Reiley Araceley eyeballs the crowd (and maybe the paparazzi) as he flies by.

Freshmen power unleashed. CHS 9th graders (l to r) Helen Strelow, Cristina McGrath, and Claire Mayne explode from the starting line.

The Wolves went for a run, and John Fisken went for a drive.

The intrepid photo snapper traveled down to Bellingham Saturday, where he caught the Coupeville High School cross country squad in action at a 43-school meet.

The pics above are courtesy him, but are not the only ones he shot.

To see everything his camera captured, pop over to:


And, if you should choose to purchase any glossies for grandma, a percentage of each sale goes to help fund scholarships for CHS senior student/athletes.

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Coupeville 7th graders Brionna Blouin (left) and Allison Nastali both earned ribbons at the Cascade League Track and Field Championships. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

The Wolves closed their season Friday at home with a Class vs. Class meet, won by the 8th graders.

Powered by Prairie Center snacks, the Wolves went out with a burst of excitement.

Before leaving town Thursday for the Cascade League Championships, Coupeville Middle School track and field athletes hit up their local grocery store for a wide range of food products.

Whatever they bought seemed to do the trick, as the Wolves went off in Lakewood, throwing down 20 PR’s and breaking a school record.

CMS 8th grader Alex Murdy closed his middle school career by ripping off a run of 24.94 seconds in the 200, erasing Gabe Eck (25.82 in 2015) from the record book.

It was actually the second-straight time Murdy had shattered the mark, as he ran a 25.25 Tuesday in the prelims.

A second school record also fell Tuesday, and was officially recognized Thursday.

8th grader Carolyn Lhamon, competing in the shot put on day one, threw the orb 32 feet, 11.50 inches, more than five feet past her previous PR of 27-09.

Turns out that tops the previous CMS mark of 29-02.25, set by Morgan Pease in 2016.

What makes it even more remarkable is Lhamon has only been tossing the shot for about a month, picking it up while resting shin splints.

The record-busters drew the headlines, but Coupeville was strong across the board in Thursday’s regular season finale.

“Our athletes’ top-notch efforts, mixed with a season full of improvements earned through hard work, made our first trip to the Cascade League finals one that was full of PRs, great rankings, and even a couple of broken records,” said CMS coach Jon Gabelein.

“Even in the hot sun, nearly all runners found a way to earn a PR today.”


(Hopefully) complete Thursday results:



1600 (8th grade) — Carolyn Lhamon (5th) 7:02.12

100 Hurdles (8th grade) — Claire Mayne (6th) 19.86 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (7th grade) — Allison Nastali, Desi Ramirez, Brionna Blouin, Brielle Armstrong (5th) 1:00.55

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, Abigail Ramirez, Cristina McGrath, Ryanne Knoblich (4th) 59.50

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, Lhamon, A. Ramirez, Knoblich (2nd) 2:10.22

Discus (7th grade) — Blouin (2nd) 61-11.50 *PR*; D. Ramirez (4th) 59-04.50 *PR*; Armstrong (7th) 49-10.50 *PR*; Nastali (8th) 48-08 *PR*; Erica McGrath (12th) 46-03.50 *PR*; Isabella Schooley (17th) 36-09.50

Discus (8th grade) — C. McGrath (7th) 56-07; Helen Strelow (10th) 51-05; Taygin Jump (15th) 45-00 *PR*; Camryn Clark (20th) 38-11 *PR*

Long Jump (7th grade) — E. McGrath (5th) 11-10.50; Nastali (10th) 10-11 *PR*; D. Ramirez (15th) 9-11

Long Jump (8th grade) — Knoblich (7th) 12-10; Strelow (8th) 12-08 *PR*; Mayne (11th) 12-05; C. McGrath (22nd) 11-00



100 (8th grade) — Reiley Araceley (7th) 12.74 *PR*

200 (7th grade) — Nick Guay (4th) 28.65 *PR*

200 (8th grade) — Alex Murdy (3rd) 24.94 *PR* *SCHOOL RECORD*

400 (8th grade) — Joven Light (6th) 1:05.02

800 (7th grade) — Cole White (6th) 2:36.57 *PR*; Hank Milnes (8th) 2:41.73 *PR*

800 (8th grade) — Aiden Anderson (3rd) 2:35.50 *PR*; Tate Wyman (12th) 3:08.43 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (7th grade) — Milnes, Mikey Robinett, N. Guay, Logan Downes (2nd) 55.91

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Araceley, Dominic Coffman, Light, Murdy (2nd) 50.81

4 x 200 Relay (7th grade) — Timothy Nitta, Robinett, N. Guay, Downes (2nd) 1:58.73

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — Josh Guay, Araceley, Jacob Mathusek, Wyman (4th) 2:02.89

Shot Put (7th grade) — William Davidson (7th) 24-07; Ryan Blouin (11th) 23-05 *PR*

Shot Put (8th grade) — Josh Upchurch (7th) 29-04 *PR*; Killian Coen (12th) 25-10; J. Guay (23rd) 17-07 *PR*

High Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (2nd) 5-05; Coffman (7th) 4-10


**And, if you’re wondering why the fanatic who stays up until 3 AM to publish stories the day the event happens is just now getting this story up two days later … it’s a long story.

Suffice it to say, results seemingly weren’t posted, then they were finally found posted in the wrong place, and, even now, we’re not 100% sure everything got posted by the folks in Lakewood.


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CMS track guru Elizabeth Bitting keeps it low key, even if inside she’s bursting with pride for her young athletes. (Morgan White photos)

The hurdles turns into a hair-raising experience.

“Fly, and punch a hole in the sky, my little shot put!”

“I’m coming for all your prize ribbons. All of them, I said!”

Rain, a long bus trip, an especially loud starter’s gun, and results which took longer than normal to be posted.

Wednesday’s middle school track meet in Sultan had a little something for everyone.

While the results didn’t show up on athletic.net until Friday, once they were there, they made for happy Coupeville athletes and coaches.

“While our CMS track athletes enjoyed their time in the Cascade foothills, some actually found a way to cut their time in various events,” said Wolf coach Jon Gabelein, who just now might be getting his hearing back to 100%. 

“Sultan’s starting gun was noticeably louder than anywhere our athletes had been,” he said. “As if it was ‘the shot heard round the world’.”

While facing off with Langley and the host Turks, Coupeville put together a string of top performances.

Trinity McGee (high jump), Cole White (1600), Desi Ramirez (long jump), and Allison Nastali (discus) drew praise from Gabelein for their PR-worthy performances.

Another standout was Joven Light, who debuted in the discus and immediately made an impact. 

“He made an amazing entry into the discus event, never having competed in it before when he launched it,” Gabelein said. “Joven calmly summed up his great first performance in saying ‘I know I have the strength for it and it’s actually pretty fun too’.”

Aiden Anderson, a fellow 8th grader and a veteran of the event, was equally impressed.

“I was really surprised he could throw it that far, especially for his first throw. He should keep doing discus!”


Complete Wednesday results:



100 (7th grade) — Erica McGrath (4th) 16.13 *PR*; Brielle Armstrong (6th) 17.00 *PR*; Alena Osborne (9th) 18.06 *PR*

100 (8th grade) — Taygin Jump (5th) 15.47 *PR*; Trinity McGee (7th) 15.52

200 (8th grade) — Ryanne Knoblich (5th) 31.25 *PR*

800 (8th grade) — Carolyn Lhamon (2nd) 2:58.83; Helen Strelow (4th) 3:04.12

100 Hurdles (8th grade) — Claire Mayne (3rd) 20.64 *PR*; Camryn Clark (11th) 24.09 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson, McGee, Jordyn Rogers, Jump (2nd) 1:02.07; Mayne, Abigail Ramirez, Cristina McGrath, Lhamon (3rd) 1:02.97

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — Mayne, Lhamon, A. Ramirez, Knoblich (2nd) 2:12.80

Shot Put (7th grade) — Brionna Blouin (1st) 24-03.50 *PR*; Allison Nastali (3rd) 23-11 *PR*; Desi Ramirez (4th) 22-06.50 *PR*; Isabella Schooley (5th) 19-11

Shot Put (8th grade) — Lhamon (2nd) 27-06 *PR*

Discus (7th grade) — Blouin (1st) 56-11.50 *PR*; Nastali (3rd) 45-05 *PR*; D. Ramirez (4th) 42-10.50; Schooley (5th) 40-06.50 *PR*; Armstrong (6th) 39-09.50

Discus (8th grade) — C. McGrath (2nd) 53-09.50; Strelow (6th) 45-08; Jump (7th) 41-09 *PR*; C. Clark (9th) 35-10

High Jump (8th grade) — Knoblich (2nd) 4-04; Kalwies-Anderson (3rd) 4-02; McGee (4th) 4-00 *PR*; Katie Buskala (6th) 3-10; C. McGrath (6th) 3-10 *PR*; Jump (6th) 3-10

Long Jump (7th grade) — Nastali (6th) 10-06; D. Ramirez (8th) 10-03 *PR*; E. McGrath (10th) 10-01; Blouin (12th) 9-09 *PR*; Osborne (14th) 8-08 *PR*; Schooley (15th) 7-03

Long Jump (8th grade) — Mayne (3rd) 12-06.50 *PR*; Knoblich (6th) 12-00; C. McGrath (7th) 11-07.50; Strelow (9th) 11-05.50



100 (7th grade) — Logan Downes (3rd) 14.65; Ryan Blouin (10th) 16.82; Alex Clark (12th) 16.88 *PR*

100 (8th grade) — Reiley Araceley (3rd) 13.11; Coen Killian (8th) 13.60 *PR*; Joven Light (10th) 13.91; Dominic Coffman (15th) 14.55; Jacob Mathusek (16th) 14.79 *PR*

200 (7th grade) — Nick Guay (7th) 29.46

200 (8th grade) — Alex Murdy (1st) 25.84 *PR*; Josh Guay (6th) 31.92 *PR*; Josh Upchurch (7th) 32.07 *PR*

400 (8th grade) — Light (2nd) 1:05.49; Upchurch (3rd) 1:12.06

800 (7th grade) — Hank Milnes (4th) 2:50.16 *PR*; Cole White (5th) 2:52.11 *PR*

800 (8th grade) — Anderson (1st) 2:41.01 *PR*

1600 (7th grade) — White (3rd) 5:49.97 *PR*; Milnes (4th) 5:55.67 *PR*

1600 (8th grade) — Tate Wyman (3rd) 6:52.95

110 Hurdles (7th grade) — Murdy (6th) 24.87 *PR*

110 Hurdles (8th grade) — Coffman (4th) 21.01 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay (7th grade) — White, Zane Oldenstadt, Blouin, A. Clark (2nd) 1:04.27

4 x 100 Relay (8th grade) — Araceley, Coffman, Light, Murdy (1st) 52.51

4 x 200 Relay (7th grade) — Nitta, Robinett, N. Guay, Downes (1st) 2:03.82

4 x 200 Relay (8th grade) — J. Guay, Araceley, Mathusek, Wyman (2nd) 2:06.05

Shot Put (7th grade) — Oldenstadt (3rd) 24-09.75; William Davidson (7th) 22-11.25; Blouin (9th) 20-07 *PR*

Shot Put (8th grade) — Killian (3rd) 28-00.50 *PR*; Upchurch (5th) 26-00

Discus (7th grade) — Oldenstadt (1st) 70-07.50; Davidson (9th) 50-11 *PR*

Discus (8th grade) — Anderson (2nd) 69-00 *PR*; Light (3rd) 67-02 *PR*; Upchurch (7th) 60-04.50; Mathusek (8th) 55-09.50 *PR*; J. Guay (11th) 50-09.50

High Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (2nd) 5-03; Coffman (3rd) 4-10

Long Jump (7th grade) — Robinett (3rd) 13-08.25 *PR*; Downes (6th) 13-02.50 *PR*; White (8th) 12-03; N. Guay (9th) 11-11.75; A. Clark (12th) 10-05.75 *PR*; Blouin (14th) 10-04.25 *PR*

Long Jump (8th grade) — Murdy (1st) 16-07.25; Araceley (4th) 14-03; Wyman (6th) 13-04.25 *PR*; Mathusek (7th) 13-03.75 *PR*; Killian (9th) 13-01

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