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CHS cheerleaders (l to r) Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Emily Fiedler, Dawson Houston, and Melia Welling celebrate their success. (BreAnna Boon photos)

Your regional champs.

Disney World is in sight.

The Coupeville High School cheerleaders kicked off a new season of competition Saturday by winning their class at the UCA Northwest Regional, which brings the dream of a trip to nationals that much closer.

The Wolves, who vied in small coed non-tumbling, are in their second season of competition after many years of being only a sideline squad.

Last year they surpassed their goals, not only making it to state, but claiming 3rd place in 1A while there.

This time around, CHS coach BreAnna Boon and her squad, which has added male cheerleaders Gavin St Onge and Dawson Houston, are aiming to qualify for nationals, which are held in Florida.

“We will find out later this week if we qualify to go to nationals! NATIONALS!!,” said an excited, and sleep-deprived Boon. “That’s not something that was even in our dreams when we started the competition team last year, but here we are!

“It’s crazy to think that’s even possible for such a small squad, but if they are gonna get that bid, this would be the team to do it!,” she added. “Nationals is at Disney world, in Orlando, Florida, which is a big reach for our little tiny town, but these kids can do it no question.”

While they’re aiming beyond state this season, the Wolves have already shown they could qualify for that meet, if they wanted.

Coupeville scored a 69.70 in their event Saturday, and the qualifying score for state in small coed non-tumbling is 59.

Saturday’s competition was a regional event, and doesn’t count officially towards qualifying for state, but a statement was made.

“If the kids keep improving, the state qualifying score is already there,” Boon said.

But, as stated before, Coupeville is aiming for the top rung this season, and, with that goal, came a quick start to the season.

“This competition was very early on in the game,” Boon said. “Usually teams don’t start competing until the end of November or December, so to go to a competition the very first Saturday of November was not an easy thing to do.”

Her squad put in strong work behind the scenes, which is already beginning to pay off.

“We have had to overcome so many obstacles I honestly didn’t know if we would make it to the competition,” Boon said. “Every single day this week we were thrown a curve ball.

“But this is, by far, one of the strongest teams I have ever coached – mentally and physically,” she added. “They know how to get their head in the game and get the work done.”

It’s already shown results, as the Wolves returned from regionals and promptly stormed the office of CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith.

“My favorite part of the day was when the kids got the trophy they all yelled “THIS IS GOING IN WILLIE’S OFFICE!!,” Boon said with a big laugh.

“They were most excited to bring that hardware back to set it in his window sill,” she added. “Their goal is to line his office with trophies!”

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CHS cheerleaders (left to right) Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Marenna Rebischke-Smith, and Melia Welling pass on skills to the next generation. (Photos courtesy BreAnna Boon)

Wolves Karyme Castro, Bella Velasco, and Emily Fiedler get in on the good times.

Two age groups, two towns, one cheer dream.

Stunting and dancing will unite the Island.

The Coupeville High School cheer squad trundled off to Fort Nugent Park Tuesday, where they linked up with young cheerleaders from Oak Harbor.

The interaction was a warm-up for this Sunday, when BreAnna Boon and her Wolf team host a youth cheer clinic at CHS.

For more info on that event, pop over to:


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Ja’Kenya Hoskins goes strong to the hoop. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

CHS cheerleaders Coral Caveness (left) and Mica Shipley take their support to the top floor.

Mollie Bailey peeks over the top, looking for an open teammate.

Band wild man Harris Sinclair (right) tries to sweet talk his way into a 45-minute, pyrotechnics-fueled sax solo. “And there’s like a 10-foot wall of fire around me while I perform! Come on, live a little, man … screw the school’s insurance!!”

“I vote for the fire.”

Tia Wurzrainer is tired of other people touching her basketball.

Ja’Tarya Hoskins fires up the crowd.

Varsity players wait for their turn to play.

It took a while, but they finally made it back home.

When the Coupeville High School girls basketball teams played Tuesday night, it was the first time in nearly a month that they faced a foe in their own gym.

With the Wolves back on Whidbey, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken poked his head into the gym, and the pics seen above are courtesy him.

To see everything he snapped, pop over to:


When you do, remember, a percentage of all purchases goes to fund college scholarships for CHS senior student/athletes. So, circle of life and all.

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Ja’Tarya Hoskins helped lead Coupeville High School back to the world of competitive cheer. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolves celebrate after performing as a competitive cheer squad for the first time since 2011. (Photos courtesy BreAnna Boon)

Back, l to r: Jaden Marrs, Bella Velasco, Kim Castro, Melia Welling, Marenna Rebischke-Smith. Front: Coral Caveness, Ashleigh Battaglia, Mica Shipley, Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Emily Fiedler.

Back on the blue mats!

The Coupeville High School cheer squad returned to competitive meets for the first time in seven years Saturday, claiming 2nd place in an eight-team division.

The Wolves, led by first-year coach BreAnna Boon, vied in the Small Game Day division in an event held at Bellarmine Prep High School.

There were 32 schools total at the meet, and it was the first time since 2011 that Coupeville has stepped away from being just a sideline cheer squad.

CHS was a competition cheer squad for many years under legendary former coach Sylvia Arnold.

During her 20-year run at the helm of the Wolves program, they won a state title in 2006, while also claiming 2nd at state in 2007 and 4th in 2011.

After making the decision to plunge back into the world of competition cheer, Boon’s squad had just seven practices to get ready.

But the Wolves juggled school, the start of cheering for their school’s basketball teams, holiday breaks, and the increased practices, and never looked back.

Just getting to that first competition was a major step for the cheer program. To do so well once there, is a huge bonus.

“It was a good first time after not competing for so long,” said Wolf captain Ja’Tarya Hoskins. “We will keep working and our second place was only the beginning!”

That’s a sentiment shared by her coach.

“I just have to say the way the kids performed had us all in tears on Saturday,” Boon said. “As a coach, to see your kids being so elated with the work THEY did is such an indescribable feeling.

“We live-streamed it for the parents, and they were crying watching too!,” she added. “The work they have accomplished in seven practices is nothing like I have ever seen before. To say I am proud of them is an understatement.”

Coupeville is set to compete for the second time Dec. 8, and Boon wants to take her team to more events in Jan.

The ultimate goal is to make the state finals, which are Feb. 2 in Battle Ground.

The Wolves will attack that goal, and everything leading up to it, with the same fire and commitment they have shown so far.

“Winners aren’t people who never fail,” said CHS junior Marenna Rebischke-Smith. “But people who never quit.”

For the moment, though, Boon is content to marinate in the moment.

“Most of them have never seen a cheer leading competition before,” she said. “So to go and perform at one, and bring home a second place, really feels like a win for all of us!”

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Eileen Stone is the final word on measurements. (John Fisken photos)

Mckenzie Meyer flies the friendly skies during the pole vault competition.

Finding a new gear, Kyle Burnett surges down the backstretch.

   “I said I had it measured right the first time…” Lincoln Kelley (right) carefully monitors the proceedings.

Mitchell Carroll builds up a head of steam.

Jacob Martin keeps a laser focus as he prepares to unleash javelin thunder.

   Former CHS track supernova Sylvia Hurlburt reacts to the news she graduated a year too early and won’t get to compete on the brand new track.

Ja’Tarya Hoskins flips to success in the high jump.

It’s official.

The new Coupeville High School track and field facilities saw its first multi-team meet action Thursday, as the Wolves welcomed four other schools to town.

While results haven’t been posted yet, we have some photos to take your mind off that matter.

They come to us courtesy John Fisken, who ambled down to Cow Town before heading off to vacation.

To see everything he shot Thursday (purchases fund college scholarships for CHS students/athletes), pop over to:


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