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Mollie Bailey was born to entertain. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Cranking out the hits at Friday night’s game against Vashon.

It don’t mean a thing without that zing.

CHS music teacher Jamar Jenkins and the Wolf band bring an extra dimension to football games, making their section of the new grandstand rock from warm-ups to exit song.

There are 25 music lovers listed on the fall roster, though not all are actively playing during games, as a few band members double as football players or cheerleaders.

The folks responsible for laying down the sound track to Friday Night Lights:

Connie Armitage-Buckley
Mollie Bailey
Jakobi Baumann
Jaschon Baumann
William Davis
Noah Fisher
Kaley Grigsby
Trinity Hall
Evan Johnson
Sammy Lockwood
Nikolai Lyngra
Andrew Martin
Hannah Mayne
Heidi Meyers
Abby Mulholland
Daniel Olson
Gabe Shaw
Harris Sinclair
Mckenna Somes
Grant Steller
Morgan Stevens
Brenn Sugatan
Sean Toomey-Stout
Raven Vick
Izzy Wells

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Put a volleyball in the hands of Willow Vick (or twin sister Raven) and they will unleash Hell on Earth. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Don’t hurt ’em, Vick sisters! Whoops, too late.

Combining to win points on 19 serves, the twin terrors that are Raven and Willow Vick (friendly, artistic souls off the court, cold-blooded assassins between the lines) were on fire Thursday night.

Actually, so was everyone else in a Wolf uniform, as the Coupeville High School JV volleyball team mashed visiting Friday Harbor in a match where the word “rout” would be an understatement.

Kicking off their season with a 25-7, 25-9, 25-11 cakewalk, the Vick-powered wrecking crew left coach Chris Smith leaning back in his chair, contented grin on his face as his game plan came together flawlessly.

Coupeville controlled the match from the service stripe, with one player after another going off on sustained runs in which they peppered Friday Harbor receivers with balls which had no chance of ever coming back over the net.

Abby Mulholland, Maddie Vondrak, Ivy Leedy, Eryn Wood, Izzy Wells – didn’t matter who was spinning the ball and rocketing sweet, sweet missiles over the net. They all had the magic touch.

But it was the Vicks who put the final stamp on the night.

Willow ripped off four-straight aces at one point in the final set, with each serve kicking in a different direction (except for the one which tattooed a Friday Harbor player in the chest).

Her twin was even more lethal, as Raven went on a tear which netted 12 consecutive points as the Wolves cruised through the second set.

She got some help from Zoe Trujillo, who cranked a winner off a rival, unleashing a shot which just about tore the girl’s arm out of its socket.

Other than that brief rally, Friday Harbor could not get anything off of Raven Vick, however, as she dropped aces in front of them, then blasted aces to the deepest, darkest part of the court.

Picking up inspiration from her older teammate, Wood, a freshman making her high school debut, put together her own run of six straight points on serve.

Fellow frosh Mulholland bashed a serve off of a Friday Harbor player’s very-surprised face, while Lucy Sandahl got nasty with her own serves, launching bombs which dove and bit the court, spraying fragments everywhere.

With Coupeville’s service game firing on all cylinders, there weren’t a whole lot of sustained rallies, but buried in the midst of a series of one-off plays there was one majestic conflict.

After Jaimee Masters put the ball in play off of her serve midway through the second set, both teams pulled off unexpected last-ditch saves, keeping the ball in the air longer than at any other point in the match.

While Friday Harbor looked like they had a winner, Vondrak, roaring up the middle of the floor, stretched out, using every last inch of her frame to scrape the rapidly-descending ball off the floor.

Pushing it skyward, she not only kept the play alive, but popped it perfectly on to Trujillo’s fingertips, allowing the Wolf outside hitter to pound home a convincing winner.

With everything falling his way, Chris Smith was able to use all 14 players on his roster, with Kylie Van Velkinburgh, Abby Meyers, Anya Leavell and Noelle Daigneault also seeing solid floor time.

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Spikers (l to r) Maya Toomey-Stout, Emma Smith and Hannah Davidson are super-excited to return to the volleyball court. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The stars of tomorrow light up the gym today.

Catch a rising star, as freshman Anya Leavell makes her CHS debut.

It’s a four-pack of hard-court killers, featuring (l to r) Emma Mathusek, Toomey-Stout, Ashley Menges, and Scout Smith.

Raven Vick is just here for the spikes.

Straight to the top, that’s where the Wolf varsity is headed.

Heidi Meyers, the smiling assassin.

Following the path of All-Universe libero Valen Trujillo, lil’ sis Zoe Trujillo (2) is the new center of attention.

They’re back for an encore.

Last season, the Coupeville High School volleyball squad cracked the code, advancing to state for the first time in 13 years.

Now, after back-to-back conference titles in the Olympic League, the Wolf spikers are off to the new North Sound Conference to liven up the joint with a heady mix of spikes and aces.

Before they kick off the new season, however, the Wolves paused for a few moments to nab their share of the photographic spotlight.

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   Mollie Bailey contemplates launching into a 45-minute solo. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Laurence Boado (left) and Jakobi Baumann lay down the sweet funk.

One flute to rule them all.

Middle school horn players join in on the musical movement.

Mckenzie Meyer fires up the sax.

   Baumann tries to keep pace with the reigning CHS Musician of the Year, Allison Wenzel.

Raven Vick plays us out.

Saturday’s basketball doubleheader at Coupeville High School was noticeable for one thing — the joint was quiet.

The CHS/CMS band took the day off, and that allowed for some dead air, especially during the halftime break.

As we await the return of the horn blowers and drum bashers, a photographic look at some of those who make the gym rock, courtesy wanderin’ photo god John Fisken.

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   Freshman spiker Maddie Vondrak (back) and big sis Peytin had plenty to celebrate Thursday as Coupeville’s JV romped to another win. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Hide the children, cause things are about to get nasty!

Or, better yet, make sure the youngsters are watching, cause they can learn a lot watching the Coupeville High School JV spikers terrorize anyone foolish enough to step to them.

The Wolf young guns, a pack of kill-happy young women who have soared to the best record of any CHS fall sports team, would make great role models.

For more than one reason.

First, of course, is their ability to dissect an opponent, as they did to visiting Port Townsend Thursday night.

But, beyond their athletic skills, the 15 warriors who suit up for Wolf JV coach Chris Smith are a band of sisters who play with a “one for all and all for one” mentality which bodes well for the future.

The squad has stars, sure, but everyone contributes, and every night offers someone new the chance to grab a slice of the spotlight.

Thursday, during a 25-13, 25-4, 25-19 romp which raised their record to 6-0 in league play, 9-1 overall, the Wolves proved they could play from in front or behind.

In the second set, Coupeville cruised behind a hot streak of epic proportions from libero Emma Mathusek, who ripped off 15 consecutive points on her serve.

A set later, with their second-string carrying much of the load, the Wolves fought back from a late deficit.

From down 16-12 to finishing on a 13-3 tear, they refused to let a point die early and would not bend even under great duress.

While the RedHawks made things interesting for a bit in the third set, this was a match which was decided early. Very early.

I mean very, very early.

Meet Raven Vick, the “closer” who puts an exclamation point on things before the conversation has even begun.

The Wolf sophomore elevated on the far left side of the net on the very first play of the game, lashing a winner that went cross-court, bit the corner of the court and exploded in the general direction of the locker room.

As a RedHawk went down the hallway to retrieve the ball after Vick’s laser show ended the play, you could predict the outcome of the match with amazing ease.

On one side of the net, Port Townsend’s players looked like nervous deer who were suddenly realizing standing in front of those oncoming headlights might not have been the best career choice.

Jump the net and Mathusek and Maya Toomey-Stout were exchanging fist bumps, Vick was reloading her arm cannon and Lucy Sandahl was bouncing in place, smile on her face as she nodded in approval at her teammate’s display of awesomeness.

Game, set, match, Wolves, one point in.

But, you have to play the match for real, so the Wolves quickly went to work making the whispered predictions in my brain come true.

Vick went on a rampage at the service stripe, ripping increasingly nasty serves, Savannah Smith put on a tipping clinic at the net and the duo of Zoe Trujillo and Chelsea Prescott pasted the ball with wild abandon.

Trujillo’s kill was set up by a phenomenal running save from Mathusek, who ran all the way to the back wall in pursuit of a careening ball, then had the presence of mind to flick it backwards over her head before bouncing off the bricks.

That type of effort wasn’t much needed in the night’s middle set, as Mathusek and Jaimee Masters accounted for virtually all the points off of their nonreturnable service attacks.

But jump forward to the third set and hustle was back on the menu.

The pride of Germany, Charlotte Nölle, had a sweet tip for a winner, while Maddie Vondrak, Catherine Lhamon, Willow Vick, Megan Behan and Heidi Clinkscales all chipped in to capture the win.

Ending the match on as much of a bang as it started, Coupeville turned to Kylie Chernikoff to turn the lights out.

The Wolf frosh, who was dropping bombs all match, closed with back-to-back winners off of points set up by Lhamon’s serves.

First Chernikoff crunched a huge spike, then, on the final point of the night, she went one better, reaching backwards over her head to corral the ball, before launching it forward with substantial force.

The boom of the ball hitting the court on the other side of the net was the sound of victory, the roar of a young team which is dominating today, and plans to dominate tomorrow.

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