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Maya Toomey-Stout unleashes the fury. (Brian Vick photo)

Sean Toomey-Stout rumbles. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The wonder twins and their wonder moms — Beth Stout (left) and Lisa Toomey.

They came into the world together, born to be stars.

When we have the conversation about the best athletes I have written about, not just today, but all-time, Maya and Sean Toomey-Stout are among the first names I would raise.

The wonder twins, “The Gazelle” and “The Torpedo,” they are up there with Makana Stone, Hunter Smith, Madeline Strasburg, Nick Streubel, Breeanna Messner, and a few others.

So, while I normally wait until after graduation to induct Wolf athletes into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame, what’s going to change in 3-4 months?

The Toomey-Stout’s are golden now, and they’ll be golden in June, so why prolong the inevitable?

Throw open the doors to our hallowed digital world o’ wonder, and let Maya and Sean join older brother Cameron in the Hall.

It’s time.

From this moment on, when you look at the Legends tab at the top of the blog, you’ll see all three Toomey-Stout siblings in residence.

While both Maya and Sean still have a final track and field season to go, a swan song hopefully full of record-busting and state title-chasing, the duo have already established themselves as the gold standard.

As athletes, and as people.

Moms Beth Stout and Lisa Toomey have raised three of the finest kids to grace Coupeville, and I would regard them that way even if none of the trio had been athletes.

But dang, they have been, and their impact is undeniable.

Maya’s eye-popping power on the volleyball court, Sean’s electric, game-changing plays on the football field and basketball court, their complete and utter command of any event they compete in during track season.

And that’s just the start.

Maya was a very good hoops player herself until she let the game go to focus on volleyball, and her skills as a base thief during her little league softball days were truly uncanny.

I really believe she and her twin brother would be among the best to ever wear a CHS uniform in any sport.

Toss a tennis racket their way, say, or a soccer ball, give them a couple of practices, and be amazed.

Great genes help, yes, but what sets Sean and Maya apart from almost everyone else on their campus is their work ethic.

To find another recent Wolf athlete who worked as hard, in season and out, as the Toomey-Stout twins, you’d have to look around until you spotted … Camtastic.

Cameron set the pace for the family, and his younger siblings have lived up to his legacy.

Scan the photos from off-season training sessions in the CHS weight room and the same three faces pop up in 99.2% of the photos.

Other Wolf athletes come and go, with some reappearing on a fairly-steady basis, but the Toomey-Stouts were there EVERY DANG DAY.

They took nothing for granted, they prepared for everything, and they played their hearts out from the first day of their middle school adventure to the final days of their high school journey.

It’s Sean, his arm injured, sneaking back on to the field late in the final game of his football career, intent on anchoring his defensive unit to the end, regardless of the score or the pain.

When CHS coach Marcus Carr noticed “The Torpedo” ready to blow up the Interlake QB, and intent on accomplishing the feat with only one good arm, the Wolf gridiron guru shook his head softly, then went to retrieve his wrecking ball, a look of pride and concern mingling on his face.

It’s Maya, pushed to the limit in the final moments of her prep volleyball career, physically exhausted, mentally drained, after back-to-back epic matches, yet still finding a way to elevate and abuse the ball, until there were no more shots to make.

“The Gazelle” would have played all night, if need be. Like her brothers, she has no quit button.

That the Toomey-Stouts are great athletes is a start.

That they are top-notch students intent on using their brains, and not their brawn, to get ahead in life after their high school days, is more.

That they are kind, and caring, that they treat those around them with compassion, that they greet life with a joy which radiates outwards and touches all those they meet, is the most.

When Beth Stout and Lisa Toomey, two of the loveliest human beings I know, brought their children into the world, they made that world a better place.

And now, Cameron, Maya, and Sean continue the work of their moms, spreading love, joy, and general awesomeness.

We, as a town, as Wolf fans, have been blessed to be a part of their story, and putting them in my lil’ Hall o’ Fame is one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.

So why wait?

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Maya Lucero keeps busy with a wide variety of activities, from playing three sports to participating in drama, band, and Girl Scouts. (Photos courtesy Jess Lucero)

Catching some quality time with dad Aaron on the softball diamond.

“I’m super busy, but I thrive on that.”

Try and keep a list of everything Maya Lucero does, and you’ll eventually end up flipping the paper over and still be writing.

Let’s just say Lucero, who will join twin sister Allie as freshmen at Coupeville High School this fall, likes to stay active.

She played basketball, volleyball, and softball through middle school and before, and plans to remain a three-sport athlete as she switches out CMS uniforms for CHS ones.

Toss in appearing in theater productions, playing trumpet in the band, Girl Scouts, cooking and baking, playing with her dog, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends and family, and Lucero’s schedule is booked.

But staying busy has helped her build a strong work ethic, something which has benefited her greatly in the past, and should continue to do so in the future.

“Some of my strengths as an athlete include my focus, commitment to my sports, and loyalty to my teammates and coaches,” Lucero said. “Being so dedicated is important, but not always easy.

“I always honor my obligations for team practices, volunteer work, training, and camps.”

That includes a recent four-day basketball camp in Soap Lake, “so I couldn’t submit my answers to you until now…,” she said with a laugh.

Lucero, who is following in the footsteps of older bother Dane, a 2019 Coupeville grad who was also a three-sport star, has been around athletics her entire life.

Dad Aaron is an assistant coach with the CHS baseball team, who pulled double duty this spring, working with Maya and Allie’s Central Whidbey Little League Juniors softball squad.

With the Lucero sisters ripping base-knocks to all fields, the young Wolves roared through a 13-1 season, and now will send a ferocious pack of hit-happy players on to the high school program.

Maya wants to “work my way to varsity, and to become stronger as an athlete,” and she credits her father with helping to shape her and fuel her dreams, both on and off the field.

“My dad has had one of the greatest impacts on me as a person and an athlete,” Lucero said. “He always pushes me to be my best, and has taught me mental toughness, perseverance, and determination.

“From the start, he has always supported me, led me through difficult times, and has always been at my side,” she added. “He is an amazing dad and softball coach.”

Lucero hails from a tight-knit, super-friendly family which includes mom Jess and two younger sisters, and having a large, loyal support crew is huge for the young Wolf.

Allie has also always been at my side and has always been there for me, no matter how hard things get sometimes,” Maya said. “Overall, my family has helped me to be my best self, and has always supported me and my passions.”

Lucero loves that sports allows her to be “active and competitive.”

And, while she approaches every season with joy, she’s clear – her #1 passion is being on the diamond every spring.

“Without a doubt, softball is my favorite sport of all,” Lucero said.

She’s played school and SWISH basketball, as well as school and club volleyball, but put a bat in her hand and she’s at home.

“It has been one of my greatest passions. I have been playing it since second grade, eight years old,” Lucero said. “I love softball because it’s not the type of sport that you can pick up easily.

“Softball is a difficult sport that teaches you determination, perseverance, to work hard, and to stay mentally tough. Not everyone can do that.

“I feel that softball is my strongest sport because I’ve played it longer, so I have a strong softball IQ.”

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“On Tuesdays, we dress like twins.” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

With the night off, Coupeville female athletic stars show up to support their male counterparts.

Kyle Rockwell, making the world a better, more relaxed place, one shoulder rub at a time.

Shenanigans waiting to happen.

International superstar McKayla Bailey returns to the scene of her former glory days.

CHS varsity hoops stars wait to take the court.

The sisterhood is strong.

Studies show, four of five high school athletes like having their picture taken.

Each photo is a small slice of life.

While the action plays out on the court, there are a thousand little tales unfolding in the stands as well.

Ever-wandering paparazzi John Fisken knows this, and he lets his camera swing to and fro, capturing those moments in time for us.

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Birthday duo Maya and Sean Toomey-Stout. (John Fisken photos)

Birthday duo Maya and Sean Toomey-Stout. (John Fisken photos)

They are the titanic twosome, the dazzling duo, the Wonder Twins, The Gazelle and The Torpedo.

When Maya and Sean Toomey-Stout popped into the world 15 years ago today, they heralded a new age in Wolf sports, even if no one realized it at the time.

It’s all paying off now, here in the present, as the Coupeville High School freshmen continue to impact virtually every sports team in town, something they first started doing back in their middle school days.

Where to begin with this duo, who are following in the electric, well-dressed footsteps of older brother Cameron?

Whatever we say, we need to do it quickly, as Maya and Sean are all about the speed.

Hence the nicknames (whether they want them or not).

Maya (aka The Gazelle) stealing second base on a softball diamond is a no-brainer, as she accelerates so quickly she’s generally wiping infield dirt off her pants before the rival catcher even comes up out of her crouch.

Sean (aka The Torpedo) flies down the football field like a mad man unleashed when playing on special teams, exploding into the returner’s chest a nanosecond after they’ve hauled in the kick.

Where some runners always look they’re straining, the Toomey-Stout twins generally look like they’re gliding, slicing by Flash-style while everyone else is caught in a vat of molasses.

And it’s not just speed for them.

Pick a sport and they are naturals, whether it be volleyball, basketball, softball, football, track or anything else you might be interested in having your rear tattooed in today.

Of course, sports are but a small (but important) part of their family’s lives.

Moms Lisa Toomey and Beth Stout have raised three hyper-intelligent, extremely friendly children who bring hard work, dedication and humility to everything they do.

They are the poster children for a family doing things the right way, and it’s a treat to have the Toomey-Stout clan reside in our town.

So happy birthday, twins, and get ready, because I’m going to spend the next four years gushing about you to the world.

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Kayla Rose (John Fisken photos)

Paparazzi Kayla Rose gets the camera turned on her. (John Fisken photos)

The best photo ever taken of a girl who has no freakin' clue she's about to be pick-pocketed by the incoming Lauren Rose.

The best photo ever taken of a girl who has no freakin’ clue she’s about to be pick-pocketed by the incoming Lauren Rose.

Lauren (left) and Kayla with non-twin Lindsey Roberts.

Lauren (left) and Kayla hang out with non-twin Lindsey Roberts.

There was too much awesomeness to contain in one body, so they split into Wonder Twins.

Lauren and Kayla Rose may only be freshmen at Coupeville High School, but the duo, who celebrate a joint birthday today, are already stars.

If there has ever been a moment in their young lives when they weren’t smiling, I have yet to see it.

Whether competing for the Wolves, cheering for each other and their classmates, or bouncing through the stands, harassing their parents for snack money, the Rose sisters are whirlwinds of joy and positive energy exploding across the universe.

Both played volleyball for CHS, while Lauren is a three-sport dynamo, adding in basketball and softball to the mix.

Of course, both are more than mere athletes, coming off as smart-as-a-whip, friendly, outgoing young women.

Whether Lauren is gunning down would-be base stealers who foolishly dare to run on her arm from behind the plate, or Kayla is snapping photos, they are a pair to make Coupeville proud.

Plus, unlike the equally awesome Luvera twins, Ana and Ivy (sorry girls), I can actually tell them apart, which is super helpful.

For me, at least…

As the Roses celebrate today, I want to wish both of them the best. May you have much cake as you kick-off another year together.

Two bright, shining stars twinkling, not in the skies above, but right here among us in Cow Town.

Happy birthday, Lauren and Kayla!

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