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Maya Lucero prepares to unleash sweet death ‘n destruction on her foes. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It was a fight to the finish. A back-alley brawl. A royal rumble.

In other words, a very, very close match.

The Coupeville High School C-Team volleyball squad has only lost to one school this season, and both of those defeats have been by just a handful of points.

The Wolf freshmen are 7-2 in North Sound Conference play, 8-2 overall, with the only small dings on their record coming thanks to the big baddie of the region, private school power King’s.

Thursday night’s tango in Shoreline was about as close as possible, with Coupeville winning the first set 25-20, before the Knights bounced back to take sets #2 and #3 by the very same score.

While she was looking for a win, CHS coach Krimson Rector was still in a positive mood while bouncing across the back-roads of America in a school bus on the way home.

“The girls played strong and focused through all three sets,” she said. “It was a good, competitive game that with the right swing of momentum I think we could’ve had.

“Regardless, the girls got a lot of play in with long rallies and big points.”

Facing off with their toughest foe by far, the young Wolves showed their coach they won’t back down.

“I was proud of the girls ability to keep their minds focused while having a strong competitor do the same,” Rector said. “The girls played hard through each point of each set until that last whistle.”

Jordyn Rogers led the Wolf attack, rifling six kills and three service aces, while the Lucero twins combined for a strong evening, with Maya nabbing five kills and an ace, while Allie had four aces and a kill.

Coupeville also got solid work from Ryanne Knoblich (four kills and an ace), Vivian Farris (four aces), Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson (an ace), and spark-plug Gwen Gustafson.

Gwen played great defense across the net from some strong hitters,” Rector said. “And stayed calm and collected while digging balls left and right.”

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Jordyn Rogers, heaving the shot put as an 8th grader, was a three-sport athlete at Coupeville Middle School. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Rogers put in strong work at a summer volleyball camp at the University of Florida.

There’s another one on the way.

When Jordyn Rogers hits high school in September, she’ll be following in the footsteps of older siblings Chris and Ashleigh Battaglia, who have both been successful in multiple sports.

But the little sister is intent on making a name for herself, and recently spent a chunk of her summer getting ready for her debut as a freshman volleyball player.

Rogers took part in a summer spiker camp at the University of Florida, a school she’d like to attend once she hits college age.

While there, the incoming Wolf freshman was selected as a camper of the day while fine-tuning her volleyball skill set.

A three-sport athlete at CMS, where she played basketball and competed in track and field to go with volleyball, Rogers plans to shake things up a bit at the high school level.

She currently plans to drop basketball, and switch out track and field for softball when spring rolls around.

The one thing staying the same is volleyball, which she has played at both the school and club level.

“Volleyball is my favorite sport because it makes me happy and it’s fun learning the different things about it,” Rogers said.

“I would like to focus mainly on volleyball and try my best to be a part of every function they have, but stay active throughout the school year.”

Away from the court, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, while, in the classroom, she’s fascinated with what’s happening in the atmosphere.

“I love to learn about weather and would like to have a future in that field,” Rogers said.

While her brother and sister have set a positive example for her, on and off the playing field, her parents, Brian and Amanda Rogers, have played a crucial role in her life.

“My parents have always believed in me,” Jordyn said. “And when I wanted a bigger challenge, they would help with that.”

Like all young volleyball players, she’s working hard on every aspect of her game, from serves to sets to spikes.

But she’s also focusing on the smaller, but sometimes even more important skills, such as meshing well with her teammates. Having a well-rounded game should translate to future success.

“Being an athlete challenges me to always do my best and helps me to be more of a team player,” Rogers said. “I think my strengths are sportsmanship and dedication.

“I would like to work on keeping my head up and always striving to be a better team player.”

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   Ella Colwell, a strong rebounder for the CMS 8th graders, kicks off a final look at Wolf hoops portraits. (Photos by JohnPhotos.net)

Claire Mayne

Allie Lucero

Trinity McGee

Jordyn Rogers

Alana Mihill

Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson

Hannah Mayne

Abigail Ramirez

Angelina Gebhard

The future of Wolf girls basketball is strong.

The Coupeville Middle School 7th and 8th grade teams just capped 8-2 and 6-4 seasons, respectively, and both rosters were chock full of rising stars.

As they exit and head outside for track season, here’s a look at 10 portraits I wasn’t able to use during the regular season.

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