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   Coupeville’s Chris Battaglia gets medieval on the shot put during Thursday’s Island Jamboree in Oak Harbor. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Hannah Davidson lines up her throw.

Working between two rivals, Wolf speed demon Jacob Smith fires up the jets.

   Freshman Kylie Chernikoff makes her high school track and field debut a successful one.

   Thane Peterson contemplates the state of the universe before flinging his discus into the great unknown.

A day after her birthday Lindsey Roberts gets airborne in the hurdles.

The shoes were tightly tied, the shot puts were flying and the cameras were clicking.

Thursday brought the start of a new high school track and field season, and the presence of all three Whidbey Island schools in one location was enough to draw John Fisken out of hiding.

The camera bug hit the Island Jamboree in Oak Harbor, and the Coupeville-heavy pics seen above are courtesy him.

To see everything Wolf-related Fisken shot, pop over to:


And, when you do, remember, purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes. Circle of life and all.

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   Lauren Bayne is barely intrigued. “Seriously, you’re that bored, you put together an entire photo essay around the letter B?!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Well, I’m a bouncin’ baby boy, so I’ll play along!”

Nikolai Lyngra keeps the beat going, boppin’ with the CHS band.

   He’s no beatnik, baby, but Ben Olson can lay down a boomin’ beat with every bash of the drums.

   This is bull, thinks burly footballer Chris Battaglia as he realizes he barely studied for tomorrow’s test. Perhaps in biology?

Wolf baby approves of your shenanigans. Begrudgingly…

Jaschon Baumann is just here for the sweet, sweet tunes … and free popcorn.

   And then the ultimate Killer B, Miss Mollie Bailey, baller supreme, arrives to win the whole bloomin’ internet.

It’s a school day, so let’s get educational.

Sort of.

Today’s photos have a common theme, as they’re brought to you by the letter B.

They feature Wolves with last names like Bayne, Bailey, Battaglia and Baumann, first names like Ben, band members and a couple of babies, for good measure.

What do you mean, it must be a slow news day?? You’re a slow news day!!

Anyways, on with the B’s, courtesy some A+ photos from John Fisken.

Or, as he’s known in these parts … Johnny B. Goode.

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   Wolf junior Chris Battaglia is second on the team in rushing yards and tackles. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

If football stats are like stocks, Chris Battaglia is trending upwards.

The Coupeville High School junior had his best rushing game of the season Friday, grinding away for 53 yards against a tough, beefy Nooksack Valley defense.

That gave the Wolf passing game a little breathing room, where Hunter Downes (194 yards) and Shane Losey (16) combined to break the 200-yard barrier.

The biggest beneficiary of their heaves was Hunter Smith, who hauled in four tosses for 130 yards.

As he continues to pile up game, season and career CHS football records for receiving yards and touchdowns, as well as interceptions, the senior standout is also inching up on another maybe less-noticed milestone.

Those four snags gives Smith 95 career receptions, putting him on the cusp of breaking triple digits.

He pulled in 32 as a sophomore, 49 as a junior and has 14 through this year’s first three games.

Also of note is the tackling stats of sophomore stud Sean Toomey-Stout.

He’s racked up 38 take-downs through three games, which puts him on pace for 127, not that far off the school single-season record.

That belongs to Joe Kelley, who collected 142 tackles during the 2001 campaign.

As Coupeville (2-1) prepares for its league opener against Charles Wright (2-1) this Friday (7 PM kickoff), let’s take a gander at the season-to-date stats, as compiled by CHS coaches and posted on MaxPreps.

Keep in mind, though, that when you look at where Wolf players are ranked, it comes with one caveat — not all teams in the state are actively reporting stats.



Hunter Downes 31-64 for 650 yards (#2 in 1A) with 8 TDs and 2 INTs
Shane Losey 1-2 for 16 yards


Hunter Smith 14 receptions for 360 yards (#1 in 1A, #4 in the state)
Cameron Toomey-Stout 10-129 (#9 in 1A)
Sean Toomey-Stout 4-120 (#10 in 1A)
Matt Hilborn 3-51
Losey 1-6


S. Toomey-Stout 22 carries for 128 yards
Chris Battaglia 22-114
Hilborn 16-13
Smith 3-5
Jean Lund-Olsen 1-3
Downes 12 (-25)

All-Purpose Yards (Rush/Rec/KR/PR/IR):

Smith 490
S. Toomey-Stout 293
C. Toomey-Stout 267
Battaglia 114
Hilborn 64
Losey 6
Lund-Olsen 3

Total Yards (Rush/Pass/Rec):

Downes 625 (#3 in 1A)
Smith 365
S. Toomey-Stout 248
C. Toomey-Stout 129
Battaglia 114
Hilborn 64
Losey 22
Lund-Olsen 3


Smith 5 (#2 in 1A)
C. Toomey-Stout 3 (#7 in 1A)
S. Toomey-Stout 2 (#8 in 1A)
Hilborn 1


Hilborn 6 (#3 in 1A)


Smith 30 (#2 in 1A)
C. Toomey-Stout
18 (#7 in 1A)
12 (#10 in 1A)
S. Toomey-Stout
12 (#10 in 1A)



S. Toomey-Stout 38 (#3 in 1A, #5 in the state)
Battaglia 21
C. Toomey-Stout 19
Hilborn 17
Julian Welling 14
Dane Lucero
Jake Pease
James Vidoni 11
Jake Hoagland
Tyler McCalmont 5
Trevor Bell 3
Gavin Knoblich 2
Andrew Martin 2
Koa Davison 1
Dawson Houston 1
Teo Keilwitz 1
Lund-Olsen 1

Tackles for Loss:

Vidoni 4
McCalmont 3
Lucero 2
Hoagland 1
Knoblich 1
Pease 1


C. Toomey-Stout 2 (#1 in 1A, #6 in the state)
1 (#4 in 1A)

Fumble recoveries:

Pease 2
Hoagland 1
S. Toomey-Stout 1
Welling 1


Losey 1.5
Lucero 1.5
Battaglia 1
Pease 1
Vidoni 1
Welling 1



Hilborn 11 for 273 yards
Ethan Kedrowski 3-44


Downes 5 for 124 yards

Kickoff/Punt returns:

C. Toomey-Stout 5 for 108 yards (#3 in 1A)
S. Toomey-Stout 3-45
Smith 2-33

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   Joey Lippo scooped up votes like he does grounders — smooth and easy — running away with the title of Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme. (John Fisken photos)

   Ever at the ready, ready to swat away any late voting rallies by would-be challengers.

The Michigan Internet Mafia sends its regards.

For the third time in five years, I left the voting for the Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme wide open.

No rules. No restrictions. Wild West.

If you’re smart enough or talented enough, or know the right people, and are able to game the system, so be it.

Everyone knew that going in — or should have, if they read my original article — so any cries of “cheating” are going to fall on deaf ears.

Unlike last year, when supporters of Hunter Smith and Lauren Grove waged a bitter battle down to the final hours, year five was over pretty quickly.

After a strong showing early on by supporters of CHS sophomore Chris Battaglia, the tech-savvy people in the shadows who wanted to see junior Joey Lippo win did their work, and did it convincingly.

Once the hammer dropped early in day two of the 100-hour voting period, the lead got so substantial, a chunk of potential voting dried up as others walked away.

That left Lippo to coast home to victory, and the three-sport (tennis, basketball, baseball) star did, setting a new Athlete Supreme record with 50,432 votes in the final tally.

Rounding out the top five from our 25-athlete field were Katrina McGranahan (14,210), Battaglia (10,174), Jacob Martin (3,074) and Danny Conlisk (2,674).

And, in a side note, props to William Nelson, or his “people,” as he jumped from #25 to #7 in the final day.

So, after five years, the roll call of Athlete Supreme winners is:

2013 — Nick Streubel
2014 — Amanda Fabrizi
2015 — CJ Smith
2016 — Hunter Smith
2017 — Joey Lippo

Congratulations to Lippo and his supporters for doing what needed to be done to take home a completely imaginary (but very prestigious) prize. You played the game well.

And a warning a year in advance.

After seeing how things played out this year, I’m 98.3% sure next year I’m going to revert back to year one rules and make it so it’s one vote per person.

Not because I think anyone “cheated” this year — you can’t cheat if there are NO RULES, people — but because I believe it would inject a new layer of suspense into the action.

If nothing else, it would force people to find a new way to game the system.

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Dane Lucero (John Fisken photo)

Dane Lucero collected 14 tackles as a sophomore. (John Fisken photo)

By the time Hunter Smith is finished, he’ll have all the records.

He came into this year already owning a tie for the Coupeville High School single-season record for interceptions, having snagged seven last year as a sophomore.

During his junior campaign, he set new single-season records for receiving yards (916) and receiving touchdowns (11), while tying the single-game record with three TD receptions.

Barring some unforeseen calamity, Smith can claim sole possession of three CHS career marks next season.

He sits two interceptions, 11 receiving yards and five receiving touchdowns from sitting alone on the throne with all three career marks.

The man chucking him the ball, fellow junior Hunter Downes, threw for 17 touchdowns in 2016, one off the school’s single-season mark.

He joined Brad Sherman and Corey Cross as the only Wolf QB’s to toss four TD’s in one game, blitzing Bellevue Christian’s defense late in the season.

With the one scoring strike he had before an injury derailed his sophomore campaign, Downes has 18 for his career, 15 shy of Sherman’s record of 33.

With 1,841 career passing yards, Downes is also just slightly over halfway to Sherman’s mark of 3,613.

With all that record-setting talk still fresh, a look at the final stats for the 2016 season:



Hunter Downes 82-191 for 1569 yards (#5 in 1A) with 17 TD and 13 INTs
Hunter Smith 1-1 for 67 yards
Shane Losey 1-1 for 5 yards


Smith 49 receptions for 916 yards (#3 in 1A, #13 across all divisions)
Cameron Toomey-Stout 21-441 (#14 in 1A)
Jacob Martin 5-137
Clay Reilly 3-64
Sean Toomey-Stout 2-52
Jake Hoagland 2-17
Chris Battaglia 1-9
Taylor Consford 1-5


J. Martin 74 carries for 488 yards (#17 in 1A)
Reilly 66-233
Smith 29-117
S. Toomey-Stout 22-96
Battaglia 36-89
Matt Hilborn 20-65
Teo Keilwitz 2-11
Andrew Martin 3-7
C. Toomey-Stout 2-1
Axel Partida 1-(-2)
Jacobi Pacquette-Pilgrim 1-(-4)
Losey 2-(-10)
Downes 57-(-118)

All-Purpose yards (Rush/Rec/KR/PR/IR):

Smith 1269
J. Martin 625
C. Toomey-Stout 519
Reilly 413
S. Toomey-Stout 158
Hilborn 110
Battaglia 98
Hoagland 17
Keilwitz 11
A. Martin 7
Consford 5

Total yards (Rush/Pass/Rec):

Downes 1451 (#9 in 1A)
Smith 1100 (#17 in 1A)
J. Martin 625
C. Toomey-Stout 442
Reilly 297
S. Toomey-Stout 148
Battaglia 98
Hilborn 65
Hoagland 17
Keilwitz 11
A. Martin 7
Consford 5


Smith 14 (#10 in 1A)
J. Martin 5
C. Toomey-Stout 5
Downes 2
Battaglia 1
Keilwitz 1
Ryan Labrador 1
Reilly 1
S. Toomey-Stout 1


Reilly 20 (#8 in 1A)


Smith 3


Smith 90 (#10 in 1A)
J. Martin 30
C. Toomey-Stout 30
Reilly 26
Downes 12
S. Toomey-Stout 8
Battaglia 6
Keilwitz 6
Labrador 6



J. Martin 62
Uriel Liquidano 52
Smith 49
Reilly 46
S. Toomey-Stout 39
C. Toomey-Stout 34
Battaglia 33
Hilborn 30
Julian Welling 29
Keilwitz 17
Partida 16
Labrador 15
Dane Lucero 14
Jacob Zettle 11
Jake Pease 8
James Vidoni 4
Matt Stevens 3
Hoagland 2
Downes 1
Losey 1
A. Martin 1
Pacquette-Pilgrim 1
Jonathan Thurston 1


Liquidano 5.5 (#9 in 1A)
Vidoni 2
Welling 2
Zettle 1.5
Martin 1

Fumble recoveries:

Battaglia 1
Hilborn 1
Labrador 1
Lucero 1


C. Toomey-Stout 5 (#6 in 1A)
Smith 3 (#10 in 1A)
Reilly 2 (#19 in 1A)
S. Toomey-Stout 1


S. Toomey-Stout 1

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