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Wolf fab frosh Lyla Stuurmans leads off our final collection of Coupeville fall sports portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

We hit the finish line.

Not of the fall sports season, as there are plenty of games left to go.

But this is the final collection of portraits shot by John Fisken.

I still have seven left — four middle school volleyball players, as well as two high school soccer players and a volleyball ace — and will use those with other stories before we wrap up the season.

Otherwise, the focus will be on action shots, of which I have many, as we wind our way through Oct.

Want to see more of Fisken’s work? Pop over to:



Sophia Broderick

Kai Wong

Aby Wood

Inara Maund

Gwen Crowder

Zac Tackett

Anna Myles

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Just a freshman, Kai Wong is already a two-way starter on the line for the Coupeville High School football squad. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Football is just a small part of Kai Wong’s vibrant life.

While the Coupeville High School freshman has made an immediate impact for the Wolves, starting on the line in the season opener against Port Townsend, he’s a big-picture guy who doesn’t limit himself to life on the gridiron.

“Honestly, I’m interested in a little bit of everything in life,” Wong said. “Everything has a sort of beauty to it that I can’t lay a finger on, but can’t get enough of.”

When not on the field, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends and family.

And while he enjoys his home town, having moved to Coupeville during the latter half of his eighth grade year, Wong is looking forward to seeing what’s out beyond the horizon.

“One thing I’d absolutely love to do, however, would be to visit another country,” he said. “I’m fascinated by the wonders of the world that I haven’t experienced for myself yet.”

Wong, whose mom Becky would love to see him give baseball a try in the spring, approaches football with a very Zen attitude.

“I’m not actually that interested in sports, I simply play it because it’s all I know, and it’s a good way to get my energy out,” he said.

“Now, just because I’m not interested in sports, does not mean I wouldn’t love watching a beautiful play in any of them, even better if I did one.”

Wong came up through junior football programs, and having made the jump to high school, he’s beginning to develop an appreciation for all it offers.

“Football is the sport I know the most about, and I’ve grown up with it in my life,” he said.

“To be honest, I never really realize how much I enjoy being an athlete until I’m asked it,” Wong added. “It’s a good way of spending your energy, keeping you in shape and your body active.

“Not to mention, when you’re in a group with others, it’s nice to know that the hardships you go through can help your teammates.”

One of 10 freshmen on the Wolf varsity roster, Wong has already jumped to the forefront, emerging as a dependable two-way player for CHS coach Marcus Carr.

While he’s having early success, the young lineman hasn’t let it go to his head.

“If I had to flatter myself and list my strengths as an athlete, I’d have to say that really the only thing going for me is my mindset to get better,” Wong said. “With this kind of mindset, I know that whatever I’m doing to get better will allow me to support others in some way.”

He wants to work on “my physical conditioning in general, especially my stamina,” with the intent of putting together a solid prep career for himself.

“As goals for high school and football, I wish to leave a legacy that I can be proud of,” Wong said. “And make sure my schoolmates have one under their belt too, thanks to me.”

Helping drive him forward, as a football player, student and young man with a bright future, is the support of those around him.

His coaches and friends have a decided impact on his life, but those closest to him remain his primary inspiration.

“My family. Without a doubt, my family,” he said. “They’re the best I could ever ask for, and they’re one of the greatest reasons I always push forward through life and its hardships.

“I doubt I could have gone nearly as far as I have already without them in my life.”

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Freshman Kai Wong recovered a fumble Friday as Coupeville’s defense dominated in a jamboree at Sedro-Woolley. (Photo property CHS Football Twitter account)

Now, they just need to carry it over to the regular season.

The Coupeville High School football team dominated play Friday night at a warm-up event in Sedro-Woolley.

“The jamboree was fantastic!,” said CHS coach Marcus Carr. “The defense did not allow a single touchdown, and the offense made great strides in the run game.”

Andrew Martin busted off the biggest play of the night, barreling 30 yards on a touchdown jaunt, while teammates Ben Smith and Gavin Straub “had good runs as well.”

Wolf QB Dawson Houston completed two passes in limited action, racking up 40 yards through the air.

While the Coupeville offense was clicking, it was the “D” which was smokin’ fools.

The Wolf defense, lead by senior standout Sean Toomey-Stout “was dominant” in its mini-games.

Big plays came from every end of the spectrum, from senior Gavin Knoblich spurring the team on with “big plays at defensive end” to freshman Kai Wong recovering a fumble.

The CHS newcomer was the first to hoist the team’s new “turnover belt,” a WWE-style memento which will be used to immortalize every fumble and interception this season.

All in all, Coupeville’s balanced play on both sides of the ball made for a happy head coach.

“It was a good day and we are moving in the right direction,” Carr said. “The coaching staff and players did outstanding jobs today!”

The Wolves open the regular season next Friday, Sept. 6, when they host Port Townsend for a 6 PM rumble.

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