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Darian Elise and daughter are on hand at Tuesday’s volleyball match to root for Emma Smith. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Lisa Wurzrainer is shocked at how talented daughter Tia is on the soccer pitch.

Jackie Calkins combines hide and seek with snapping pics.

Sherry Roberts shouts encouragement to daughter Lindsey.

Aimee Bishop will be having no shenanigans tonight.

Tammy Smith enjoys her moment of Zen.

Some guys…

“My Aunt Emma is killin’ it!!”

Coupeville sports fans come in all ages.

From lil’ munchkins to their adult counterparts, Wolf faithful stuffed the stands Tuesday at CHS soccer and volleyball matches.

In between shooting the action on the pitch and court, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken also trained his cameras on the support crew, and the pics above are courtesy him.

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   Former CHS coach Craig Pedlar returned Friday for the 101st anniversary of Wolf boys basketball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Sherry Roberts, a basketball star of the late ’80s, hangs out with the next big thing in Wolf Nation, son Landon.

It ain’t a thing without that swing.

   Speedy shutterbug Maya Toomey-Stout snaps away as the action unfolds a few inches away.

Jordan Ford 1, Sherry Roberts 0. Rest assured, payback will be swift and deadly.

   A superstar in every seat, as the living legends return to their alma mater to be honored.

   Wolf mom Kali Barrio and daughter Jennifer Bergeron cheer on their favorite hoops star, son/brother Ethan Spark.

   Young gun Daniel Olson takes the sticks, as drumming veterans Sean Toomey-Stout (left) and Ben Olson prepare to give him grief (or a Wet Willie).

You can go home again.

Coupeville High School celebrated the 101st anniversary of its boys basketball program Friday, and there was a legend in every seat.

The superstars of the ’70s crossed paths with guys who want to match their achievements in the coming years, and fans of every age showed up to watch it all go down.

Travelin’ photo man John Fisken was there as well, though he was working, snapping pics all night long.

The mix of glossy images above are courtesy him.

To view more photos of the former Wolf players and coaches in attendance, some of which have already run here on Coupeville Sports, and some of which you may not have seen, pop over to:


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   Solid proof Raven and Willow Vick’s parents both completed the half marathon Sunday. (Maria Reyes photo)

Nearly 1,600 runners put shoe to pavement Sunday during the big four races at the Whidbey Island Marathon.

And, with apologies to Susanna Orr of Anchorage, Alaska and everyone else from far-flung locales, the race itself will have to be your reward, because I’m not printing all your names here.

Well, Miss Orr obviously made it … but you get my point.

The names below belong to those who openly claimed Coupeville as their hometown (since this is Coupeville Sports and not Anchorage Running Times).

Or, in a couple of cases, folks who tried to slip through by just putting US under hometown but had recognizable names.

Nice try, Sage Renninger, nice try.

Anyway, if I missed you, it’s either because you hid under a “fake” hometown or I’m just blind. One of the two…


Kyle Martin (67th) 4:28:08
Gabe Crawford (109th) 5:00:57

Half Marathon:

James Steller (6th) 1:27:55
Holly Salinger (58th) 1:44:54
Brian Vick (189th) 1:57:52
Alyson Hockett (243rd) 2:02:50
Brian Haight (333rd) 2:09:33
Chris Bibby (384th) 2:13:05
Kimberly Jaderholm (410th) 2:14:47
Lauren Bayne (437th) 2:17:02
Heather Kaye (465th) 2:19:51
Sage Renninger (475th) 2:20:52
Phillip Renninger (477th) 2:20:53
Sherry Roberts (479th) 2:21:04
Fanny Deprelle (527th) 2:25:53
Teri Eggers (565th) 2:29:26
Christopher Monks (723rd) 2:57:11
Bobbi Bradley (764th) 3:11:04
Joan Chochon (781st) 3:18:02
Michael Sandahl (800th) 3:27:05
Reed Swanson (820th) 3:39:06
Lena Swanson (821st) 3:39:07
Sheryl Sato (829th) 3:47:28
Maria Reyes (836th) 3:51:17
Denice Farage (840th) 3:57:15


Steven Sloan (47th) 0:57:09
Betsy Brace (97th) 1:03:14
Chris Klasen (133rd) 1:05:55
Susan Marchese (149th) 1:07:47
Randi Perry (190th) 1:14:09
Corinne Martin (203rd) 1:15:18
Carolyn Blossom (204th) 1:15:18
John Eggers (206th) 1:15:52
Susan Geiger (208th) 1:16:06
Michelle Klasen (211th) 1:17:31
Vickie McDaniel (213th) 1:17:48
Stephanie Thomas (246th) 1:28:27
Miho Tate (260th) 1:30:52
Sheila O’Rourke (281st) 1:38:49
Everett Winsberg (282nd) 1:38:49


Terra McCartney (61st) 0:33:37
Maria Summers (102nd) 0:38:30
Tessa Jager (175th) 0:49:00
Ginger Wacker (228th) 0:56:01

To see complete results, pop over to:


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Elizabeth Bitting, coach, runner and now, t-shirt designer.

Elizabeth Bitting, coach, runner and now, t-shirt designer. (John Fisken photo)


Bitting’s shirt design.

You, yes you, can win Sherry Roberts and friends new t-shirts.

It’s simple.

A pack of local runners (others include CMS track coach Elizabeth Bitting and Wolf mom Deb Smith) who compete in the Ragnar Trail Relay series are also taking part in the SweatVac t-shirt designing competition.

Whichever team gets the most votes nabs eight shirts featuring their design, which is a cool $256 worth of merchandise.

Bitting’s design for the Sasquatchettes is currently sitting in first place in a seven-way race that ends July 15, but by a razor-thin margin.

Time for Wolf Nation to step up and put our runners over the top. Waaaaay over the top.

Facebook only allows one vote per person, but if we all vote and spread the word, there is no poll we can not utterly destroy.

History bears that out.

To vote, pop over to:


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Zack Harris (John Fisken photos)

Zack Harris rocks epic headgear during the 10K. (John Fisken photos)

Holly Salinger

Holly Salinger flies towards the finish line during the half marathon.

Reed harbeck

   The fastest Cow Town runner Saturday? Reed Harbeck, who finished 9th in the half marathon.

Jaschon Baumann

  Taking a break from soccer practice, CHS freshman Jaschon Baumann puts in a 5K.

CHS parents Phillip Renninger and Sherry Roberts duel down the backstretch.

   CHS soccer parents Phillip Renninger (Sage’s dad) and Sherry Roberts (Lindsey’s mom) duel down the backstretch.

First with the stats, first with the photos.

The Whidbey Island Marathon had barely ended Saturday and Coupeville Sports had results posted for all the Coupeville runners.

Doubt me? Just scroll down the page a story or two.

Now, thanks to madly-clickin’ camera whiz John Fisken, we have snappy pics of Cow Town-based runners, long before any of the Canadian-funded media outlets get going.

Speed, baby. All about that speed.

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